[Suggestions] Stuff that would be cool and help alot [WIP]

Hello guys , im here to give some ideas to make rust better

===============IDEAS LIST======================
1- Seeds

Lets face it we love meat , but noone survives only with that [Or granola bars] <3

2- Gas mask

Lets face it , would help alot with radiation

3- Water [thirst-o-meter]


Cause im sick of surviving drinking animals blood like a good hardcore black metal fan [and water in game is useless]

4-Winter [and winter clothes]

We love snow , but its kinda cold you know ?

5- Bacon


Because bacon is bacon

666- Chainsaws

For wood gathering or cutting people in a half

7-Military grade armor

ultra rare airdrop lootlooks cool

8- Textscreen


would help alot

[yes ik were on alpha]

we already got water

i know that “[and water in game is useless]” i meant to ask for a thirst bar

Yes it does :wink: increases health and reduces rads.

but not a significant amount , and also we need water to survive not only chicken breasts XD