Suggestions to Balance New Spawn Gameplay

I apologize if this has been covered before, but I’ve started fresh on a lot of servers now and I’m feeling like there’s just not enough ways for Fresh spawns to survive. I’m not saying it should be easy to survive, but the difficulties should weigh more from the environment than pvp in my opinion. Spawning in and immediately getting mowed down by a modern shotgun/automatic weapon just feels so unbalanced and a bit ridiculous.


  1. Make grass turned on mandatory for all players - I realize there’s performance issues to consider, but grass provides necessary cover for hiding. I will be crouching in the grass mostly hidden on my machine only to be fully visible on somebody else’s because they have grass turned off.

  2. ** Cloth boots should silence footsteps** - The first clothing in the game should give a boost to hiding/stealth, because hiding is really the only defense a new spawn has.

  3. Crossbows/short bows/long bows/Spears/Knives/Slingshots/Slings/boomerangs/Poison Blow Darts/Javelins - There needs to be a much greater variety of primitive game weapons

  4. Slower running speed for heavier armor/clothing - For higher rated armor such as kevlar players should run a bit slower. This will give naked fresh spawns a greater chance of escaping maxed out guys.

  5. **(Controversial I know) Remove Modern Firearms/Automatic weapons **- In my opinion this is the biggest detractor from the game being fun. Automatic weapons are just boring and don’t make sense for a primitive survival game. The only firearms that should be available are the primitive one-shot guns (Handcannon, Pipe-shotgun, maybe a musket style rifle). There are enough games out there with modern military weapons, this game isn’t COD.

  6. **C4 should be removed **-

        The explosives I'd like to see:
               -**Gunpowder Barrels** - Takes up an entire row of inventory, requires large quantities of wood and gunpowder to make, and requires several barrels to take down walls and doors.
               -**Dynamite** - Maybe a new resource of acid pools to collect Sulfuric Acid/Nitric Acid to make nitroglycerin. Acid Pools are extremely rare. Dynamite will be the most powerful explosive in the game but it has a huge downside. If it is in your inventory you must            walk. If you run there is a chance it will detonate and kill you. This downside will force players to really weigh the pros and cons of raiding smaller bases. Force players to scout bases first before going to equip the explosives, force raiders to have a dynamite equipped raider that they must protect, and it will force raiders to think about how much weaponry/armor they will carry on a raid because they may lose it all if they blow themselves up.

Already planned

Good idea

They will add more depth/content as the game matures.

I like this idea too, but not really in regards to the safety of new players, just in general

The modern, mil-spec weapons will be removed. Garry has already stated that they’re merely placeholders.

solid list.

@I’m SticKy, do you have any links where gary has said firearms are placeholders? From what I’m seeing in the developer blog, it’s just the models that are placeholders, the firearms themselves will stay in the game. I’ve even seen a concept drawing for a rocket launcher, which I really hope won’t be in the game.

  1. Agree
  2. I think steath mode should be present by holding down duck and walk button or have ducking toggleable and hold down walk which will muffle the steps. Think about it, if cloth footwear prevent noise then all higher level players will also wear them.
  3. Agree (but its still alpha so all this stuff is most likely coming)
  4. Agree, something like elderscrolls carry weight system should be implemented.
  5. Agree, I feel the same way. However, this advanced stuff could be an end game feature and even so it should be difficult to obtain.
  6. Take a look at my recent post of ideas, I bring up ideas on how to deter raiding by introducing tracking scents of theft and murder.

I agree with all your suggestions. Though i had a different idea for number 6. Take a look at my post for removing C4 Many people keep saying they don’t want to play a medieval simulator, but honestly battering rams and catapults are merely just simple/primitive devices and i think they would certainly add a new dynamic to raiding houses. Also they would give people more of a fair chance to defend their house as it would make raiding more difficult.

Not sure I like the idea of tracking scents. Humans don’t really have that great sense of smell. I do like the idea of somehow knowing who raided you though. How about during character customization, every person has to set an MO or calling card. Basically a sentence with their name signed. Every time they steal from any crate or break into a house a note or marking is automatically left so the victim can see who attacked.

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Oh yeah, I’d love siege weapons like catapults and battering rams. The tech level should max out around medieval era in my opinion. I’d much rather play with medieval weapons being the top tier weaponry, than play a COD/DayZ/Minecraft mashup that it is right now.

Their adding a helicopter into the game. Thats not primitive or medievil at all. So dnt think theyd have all caveman stuff and oh look a helicopter

First, it’s not a primitive survival game, it’s a survival game that starts you off primitively. Guns belong in a game full of radiation zones and airdropping planes and (soon-to-be-implemented) patrol choppers.

Second, military guns aren’t going anywhere. MaxofS2D has stated that they want military grade weapons to become extremely hard to find and wont be craftable, but no one in the development team has even hinted at dropping military weapons.

I’m all for variety and balance, and most of these suggestions would be neat in game. Let C4 stay, but be nigh improbable to find.

I said that’s what I’d like to see in the game. It was a suggestion not a fact. They may very well be adding a helicopter and they may very well remove it. They added cars then removed those.

And does anyone have a quote from gary about this helicopter? His AMA on reddit doesn’t seem to mention it.

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Gary hinted removing modern military weapons in favor of more primitive realistically crafted weapons. Gary has also said that what started out as a DayZ clone is taking it’s own direction. They’re already removing zombies so it’s not a leap in logic to assume they’ll take out the radiation zones and towns as well.

“It’s not a primitive survival game”…well it mostly is, primitive in the sense that all craftable items should be realistically achieveable by 1 person. A person can’t craft a helicopter from scratch, nor can they craft military grade plastics, scopes, and explosives. And all of what I was talking about are just suggestions on what I’d like to see to balance the game out. Automatic weapons aren’t fun, they just aren’t. Not when you get groups of people hording weapons and crushing any new player with them. Bow battles are way more interesting than running around with a shotgun. If I wanted a modern military shooter I’d play COD.

I really like your ideas. Especially #1/2/3/4.

I would add to #4 that maybe larger/heavier weapons should slow you down as well. So not only would you have to make decisions about defense versus speed, but offense versus speed as well. Want to wear full body armor and carry an assault rifle? Maybe that guy in cloth with the knife is a little more frightening than you once thought.

Cars are still in the game. They recently finished the helicopter model. At first it will be npc then later possibly controllable nuff said

Ok then MaxofS2D’s more recent approach seems to mirror the later part of Garry’s AMA, where modern guns will still be in game, just a lot harder to achieve. I’m glad for this because automatic guns are fun, they just are. When I’m out harvesting alone and hear automatic gunfire in the area, my heart gets racing. When a group of people with automatic guns pointlessly try to raid my base, my heart gets racing. And when I start slaughtering noobs with my shotgun because they were dumb enough to come at me with bows, the laughter doesn’t stop for an hour. If I wanted a modern military shooter where the only way to play was killing people, then CoD would be a good choice. But just because Rust provides more options than CoD doesn’t mean it can’t have military weapons. Think outside the box.

I’m with you on #3, we got enough modern military survival games

Chances of C4 being hard to find is slim to non cuz theyre will be needs for people to raid cuz this game is kinda built on that and the fact that u dont know if u will ever be save
its kinda exaggerating unless they replace it with something else

Adding stamina should be better and naked should have 10 stamina points ( 30 sec srpinting ) and kevlar 7 :slight_smile:

The video game market is saturated with modern guns. It’s boring as hell. The thrill of getting a kill from a bow is way more entertaining because it’s not easy. I strictly use the bow in the game and I kill M5 wielding asshats quite often. Again, I’m fine with guns being in the game, just not modern automatic guns. Hearing 1 shot from a primitive weapon can get your heart racing just as much. Automatic weapons just don’t fit the rest of the game’s feel in my opinion. If you have an automatic gun it’s just an easy kill. Any unskilled 12 year old on a power trip can mow people down when they have 30 bullets in a single clip. Doesn’t take any skill at all.

Battles are way more intimate and intense when you aren’t just immediately killed from bullets. When there’s that intense pump of adrenaline as you’re battling to see who can land a hit first with the bow or hatchet. And if I get killed by a bow I can respect the person who killed me, because they earned the kill.

I hate the idea of Rust turning into yet another military survival. I mean look at the shit houses? But we can fly around in Helicopters? The game seems to be mutating if it keeps going in this direction.

I agree with everything you have said.

Medieval survival? Why not? I think it is freaking awesome. I would literally play a modded version of rust if it was medieval over the real version of Rust.

What makes a game popular? A game that is unique. Rust will fail if it becomes another military survival. They have a awesome foundation right now. I think they should head towards primitive. After all that is the main reason I started and even bought Rust.

People always argue that “no one wants a medieval survival” well I sure as hell would love one.

Can anyone please name a medieval survival that pars with Rust? I don’t think so.

Exactly, agree 100%, game’s have to stand out in a crowd. And military shooters are just a dime a dozen. The aspects that draw people to Rust right now are the shelter construction, resource gathering, exploration, survival, and crafting, which would only be enhanced with the removal of modern weaponry. The automatic weapons really only appeals to a small percentage of Rust players in my opinion. I’m sure many people, like me, bought Rust without even knowing there were guns in the game.

I’d love it if the top-tier of researchable weapons ended up being medieval type weaponry. Just seems more dynamic and interesting. It also just makes more sense logically that a single person could craft such weapons themselves instead of fully automatic guns.

There is a HL2 mod called Pirates, Vikings and Knights. It’s not about survival, more of a 3 team CTF but they have wealth of great ideas: dual welding hatchets, keg barrel bombs, double handed swords, crossbows and so on, check it out even just to get some ideas for Rust