Suggestions to devs


My friends and I have been enjoying the alpha and thought we’d share some ideas on what we would like to see in the future.

  1. Foundations and ceilings should be tagged like doors so only the original owner can build on or right next to.

  2. Add a group feature. In groups, you should be able to view your friends names in-game at much farther view distance before fading and should see the names through structures. You can also use each others doors and build on each others structures.

  3. I’m sure you are already experimenting a degrading feature on buildings but that’s something we would like to see as it would help with the constant map wipes. We thought about how this feature could work. Maybe have some sort of maintenance piece you can build inside the structure with an inventory to put wood or planks inside that would work like a campfire and slowly consume them. Only the original owner should be able to access the inventory, or friends in group. When the wood runs out, the building gradually loses pieces from the top down until its gone.

  4. Make the research kits consumable. They are too overpowered. If you got a 10 man team, once 1 of them have it, you have an army of guys that research everything. This would make blueprints a little more valuable.

That’s about it. Thanks for reading.

I was wondering what the research kits do

i definitely agree with number 4!

You bought gold specifically for Rust, didn’t you?

You are from july, you have only 3 msg and you are a gold member ?!?

NO 2: I just posted about that. Great idea.

if bee’s had knees #4 would be them