Suggestions to improve game for lone wolfs


My biggest problem with Rust currently:
Gameplay in rather populated servers revolve around roofcamping or death squads of 10+ people roaming, making lonewolfing in a server that’s not completely empty and dead not that satisfying at all.
In my personal opinion, lonewolfing should be a bit more enjoyable not just because I personally enjoy playing alone sometimes but also because Rust would appeal to a larger audience if it did in general.
A big thing for me is that it should be possible for a lone player with a lot more skill than his enemies (eg. 2 - 3 players) to win the fight.
In theory this is already possible but I think it’s balanced in a way where it doesn’t happen often at all especially when comparing it to Legacy.

Suggestions to improve that:

1. Headshots (especially with bow/crossbow) should punish.
It happens way too often where you hit a fully geared person in the head with a bow/crossbow, maybe even twice, and he doesn’t die. By the time you lined up a third shot he’s already sprayed you down.
Making headshots do more damage is one way of changing this but you could also do it differently by for example making a headshot stun someone or some other status effect, maybe someone has some cool ideas for that.
I think rewarding headshots more would reward skill more and make it easier for the more skilled player to come out on top.

2. Building options for people that don’t have a half full to full inventory to build a stone 1x1 with a secured door with codelock. I mean, it takes a ton of stuff to actually make a base that’s even close to secure.
Again, comparing to Legacy here, you could build shelters/shacks and those were great to start out with. Someone remind me why that’s not in the new Rust?

**3. Gear is hella strong. **
Maybe this doesn’t need to be nerfed when headshots are more punishing but at this moment it feels like you need at least 5+ arrows to kill a guy in decent gear as opposed to him shooting you 2-3 times and you’re dead.

I’m not saying groups shouldn’t have advantages, they had advantages in Legacy too… it was just much more viable to play alone in Legacy which made the game a lot more accessible for players without clans/friends playing Rust.
I also think the EXP system might give some opportunities for solo players to have more fun (rather than try to scavenge rad towns and get killed by groups patrolling it 24/7) so I’m curious to see how that affects the game :).

Let me know what you think or if you fully disagree with the fact that lonewolfing should be easier/more viable (and preferably why).

I agree, I lone wolf most of the time in rust. I always get my stone 2 x 3 decimated by some clan death squad, there is no way a waterpipe and crossbow can take on a well geared group of 3 or more.

Am I right to assume that “late” means these ideas/suggestions were already posted or that these issues are already in the process of being addressed? If so, could you be so kind to post a link to where that’s being discussed?

i misclicked

I rated you late as in, game balance is not the highest priority of the devs’, and groups have inherent advantages over solo players by design. I’m guessing you’ll be waiting a while on this front. (But I also can’t read the devs’ minds so I could be flat wrong about this, too. Could happen in the next update for all I know.)

You can refresh the thread and rate your intended rating, btw. If you accidentally rate a post, you can’t un-rate, but you can change your rating to something less obtrusive (like friendly or informative rather than leaving an accidental Agree on a post you actually don’t agree with).


Well yeah 2/3rd of my suggestions are about balance I guess and I understand that it’s not the main priority when every time you add content, balance shifts anyway so it’s wasted time usually…

Still I wonder what people think about shacks/shelters as a bridge between homeless and a semi-secure base and the idea of status effects in Rust for example upon headshots (could also have poisonous darts for all I care :stuck_out_tongue: guess that could be fun too)

I play as a lone wolf a lot.

Here is my lone wolf strategy:

Wipe day, I make a bow first. Nothing comes before a bow and arrows. I then scout the map for a secluded spot or a friendly neighbor. No one wants to be your friend unless you have something to offer. Other lone gunmen might take security. Clanners will if you take one of them out and give them their stuff back / offer to be useful defending their base or helping in raids. You have to show that you are strong first, and that usually means doming one of them.

I completely enclose a tool box and hide a furnace, a loot box and 1-2 sleeping bags. I do not use a wooden door. I go for metal immediately. They won’t find the bags and they can’t raid a completely enclosed tool box on wipe day. The next step is a tiny house with a metal airlock and, furnace and bag.

Rather than expanding the base, I make a triangle out of tool sheds, build a wooden high wall, and make a defensible large furnace.

Then I build a sniper tower. The tower is by the furnace, with a bag and a long range weapon.

Then I build a base.

The base can be built to be more or less annoying for raiders. I usually put the base outside of the high external wall so raiders have to decide if they want the furnace area or the main building. Going after two structures belonging to a solo is almost always not worth their time.

Usually this set up gives me so many local allies and such a useless base to raid that I survive for a long time, if I get raided. By putting building supplies in many external tool box rooms, even if my main base is completely destroyed and made unusable, I can’t be stopped from constructing a new base immediately.

I disagree about the bow headshot damage vs fully geared players. A starter weapon you can craft in your first 5 minutes of playing shouldn’t be punishing to anyone that managed to get fully geared. That’s not balance. What you’ll end up with are bow snipers waiting in bushes, hoping to get free gear from the first unsuspecting player that happens along their path. Balance would be to give an equally geared player the same chance against their victim, and let superior skill balance out the difference in numbers.

I like the idea’s but the game will never be lonewolf based, It will always be better to play with friends rather then on your own. What I would suggest to play this game once in a while or just simply quit, as the game will only get more dissapointing each blog.

i Would like to see a weapon to fuck with my enemys vision something like the blowpipe in theculling which is not really deadly but is enough to panic someone very hard.

i just mentioned this on another post, but i believe this concept applies to this issue as well.

Another method would be to group the rad towns closer together and in the center of the server. Clans would be able to afford stick closer to ‘town’ whereas solo players can live on the outskirts away from the major population. This gives the clans the advantages of the rad towns, keeps clans away from noob beach, and potentially entices clans of like size to build near each other (larger = closer to center) - effectively evening the playing field. For a clan to take advantage of solo players, they would have to risk traveling away from town with their C4 and guns, making them the ones vulnerable to sniper towers.

I like it!

Yes, I’ve read it and gave you the answer, this isn’t a solution to the problem.

Yeah, this would help with Guerrilla battles against better geared players. Or it can be used to deter intruders and keep people in their bases.

Could work with the xp system… mmmmm

Mostly I’ve played this game as a solo player. And with the bp system I only build a base if i could make myself good gear and weapons. The rest I could hide in different places of the map.

And there’s the difference over time between legacy and the island as we know now, rock formations disappeared. In legacy we could hide in places, caves that were ‘natural’ (if I can use this term) closed in by rock formations. Now all the rock formations are programmed and not looking or being natural. Solo players could survive in these rocks, because they weren’t attractive to clans.

So places to hide and outsmart clans have left the game for some reason. If you now build a base in a cave or rock formation, you get killed by the glitch of a bear spawning in your base.

The snow biome has left the game for what reason, I don’t know. There we had a place with ‘natural’ rock formations where we could hide and outsmart clans and other players.

Now the game is to much focused at FPS and PVP. There aren’t any places anymore to hide. The map is getting smaller. Hey why not build a map without mountains and rocks at all?

In legacy, we’ve played at one tenth of the whole map. You could make a base in places, where not a single player came. Now this isn’t possible anymore. I wonder what the devs are going to do in the future. Because I’m getting really bored as a solo player. Everything I could use to outsmart others, has left the game.

About head shots, I think one hit or head shot with any weapon should make a kill. We all know that armor isn’t that protective in this game. And who believes a metal mask will do the trick?

I agree with most of what you said. I to have always played lone wolf and with the absence of a northern biome it has gotten increasingly difficult, however…
It has been about 7 weeks since I have been raided and about 9 weeks prior to that. Mostly now I am having to adapt back to the oceans edge. On a fresh wipe I look at Rustmap and scout the edge of the map looking for anything remotely high with cliff’s. I have noticed that with some of the tweaks to building recently that I can build along the medium high part of the cliff. Very interesting to use a side of a mountain to make a armored wall of sorts. And it keeps it out of peripheral view which the only way you would find it is if you were on the mountain top and saw the TC aoe pop up.

Yes, I’m not saying you can’t hide your base anymore. But it’s dawn hard and difficult now. In some places, you can build a base behind a rock formation. And I’ve noticed from great distances the first thing you’ll see, is mostly the base. And when you’re closing in the rock structure appears out of nowhere covering the base. This way, I found many bases that where ‘camouflaged’ behind rock formations.

My lone wolf strategy:

First day after wipe, I quickly search for a cave and isolate a cupboard on it.

Manage to master cave building

gg - 4 wipes without losing my base (people raid, but never achieve the end of it).