Suggestions Towards New Weapons***

My previous post caused some confusion. What I ment was in the future, I and many others would love to see more weapons and things similar to that category. Does anyone have any suggestions towards what type of weapons to add in? More long range or more short range? or both?

I think some low grade weapons would be neat considering the game is post apocalyptic. This gun is extremely simple but only fires one .45 acp round and has to be reloaded each time.

A crossbow should be added, its is a needed weapon for such an apocalypse.

And the ability to craft some sort of knife.

It isn’t very hard to think of weapons it isn’t unique they just need to to fix everything else to add the luxuries

they need to add many more weapons and weapon type like in the rifle category the cheapest one would be a rusty bolt action rifle but as you progress you could find or make a barret 50 cal

The AK-47,
Its Russian, durable, quite common in war torn country’s and would be a great asset in this game
problems would be the damage it deals to players so would make its accuracy decent to 30 meters