Now I have rarely been on Facepunch…
But decided to get more into it
Atm I play on a RP server, DarkRP called HGRP
And at the moment we are looking for a good C4, one that can be made to have a countdown timer and a device that can defuse the C4/Bomb
Btw I know nothing about coding, so please say how difficult it would be to make.
If you have any ideas please Post them here.
(also tell me if i have broken forum rules in general and i will remove or what ever is required)

Madcow’s works pretty well, I changed the timer to default at 60 so it’s at least a little fair.

I made my own C4.
It’s set to explode after 3 minutes and has 50% chance to burn props within radius or to unweld them and 75% chance to burn players (but it also damages them with explosion).
Althought I didn’t make any defusal kit and the C4 still needs a bit of work (like making it to change angle according to the surface its placed at), but it can be used as a temporary thing.

@Edit: forgot to add, you can have it if you want, just talk to me on steam.