Game Mechanics:
Plot ownership and use/building permissions. Ownership granted to the plot you placed a foundation upon and the 8 surrounding spots. No-one without permission can place any object within the 1 spot perimeter of the foundation at any height.
Groups & Guilds
Larger ruined cities with build restrictions. (not the factories) Large amount of urban structures and “phat lewt” could be radioactive, but players can fight over resources/loot and not build in these areas.
Underground facilities, mines, laboratories.
Leveling system for Crafting, Weapons, Jumping, Constitution, Endurance, Stamina, etc.
Swimming and watercraft would be nice, as well as islands, rivers, lakes and streams.
Economy system tied to land ownership/upkeep.
The ability to write notes on paper.
Stationary weapons (turrets: Gun/flame)
New item, Beds - Should only be placed on a floor that you own or have permission to place objects upon. With a bed in place, it should replace the random spawn option. I won’t go into the reasons for this, but there are certain things that I have observed that warrant this suggestion.
Sleeping bags should have a cooldown and expire after so long. They are temporary and very useful for an alternative spawn location other than your home. They are destroyable but considered consumable and cannot be picked back up. The cooldown is longer than the duration. These can be placed anywhere that you have permission to place them including neutral/unclaimed spots.
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More robust crafting system:
Crafting tools and Appliances. I.E. Workbench, Smelter, loom, ammunition reloading kits.
Crafting Queue (see below quote).
Also with a leveling system you could implement different structural components that you can access which require more materials and time, but look better and/or are more durable.
Various building components: Concrete, Brick, Stone, Metal Bars
Various resources: Gravel & Aggregate (for concrete), Iron Bars for reinforced concrete, plywood windows, stone bricks, sandbag mounds.

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Utility or cosmetic items:
Signs like in Minecraft. Banners/flags.
Character customization, appearance, cammo, outfits.
Dye or Coloring.
Night Vision Goggles.
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Walls - 1 person should have a struggle destroying walls, maybe 30 minutes. It should be quite some task to tear into a dwelling solo. With these stats, a group of 3 could take down a wall in 10 mins. 5 ppl in 6 mins. 10 people 3 mins. (perhaps not these stats, but you get the drift)
I know this isn’t realistic, but for a raiding mechanism it would promote small groups instead of the lone wolf syndrome. This would, of course, depend on whether you want to promote group play or not.

[HR] [/HR]
Bandits, mutants, robots (of some sort maybe protecting areas), and I still like zombies. they’re probably one of the few things you can put into the game that make sense just drudging around waiting for the unsuspecting adventurer to cross their path, then mindlessly chase them.
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clubs, spears, arrows, spears, bayonettes, swords, knifesCrossbows/bows, clay-mores, mines, more types of standard weapons with different strength’s/weaknesses, flare guns, clubs, knifes, chains, boomerangs (hehe), flamethrowers.
More on Guns:
Guns should not be craft-able and should have a chance to break or jam frequently. Ammunition, perhaps, but I prefer the idea of ammunition being somewhat rare. In a real survival situation such as apocalyptic scenario, think of mad max, walking dead, a lot of the time they’re using melee weapons, screwdrivers, etc. Even the gunslinger had difficulty finding bullets and kept his very safe and secure and often got them wet which made them useless. People would not be aware or proper firearm maintenance and probably know nothing of CLP or other weapon cleaning solutions.
[HR] [/HR]
Compass, User Maps, Battering Rams

[HR] [/HR]
Modding Components:
A map generator or the ability to create custom maps somehow if it’s a minecraft style server distribution game.
A world builder.
A Medieval option: I say this because this game really reminds me of Asheron’s Call a lot. if you replaced the weapons with swords, bows, and magic, you could easily create a medieval fantasy variant of it. I would personally love to see this become an option or would put countless hours making a medieval mod for it, if modding is possible.

Good ideas, too bad you don’t know how to say them better.

K.I.S.S. applied. Keep is simple, stupid.

I could elaborate much more eloquently but choose to digress this topic to ideas/suggestions and developer interpretation. Far be it for me to attempt to invent something without any knowledge of the tools at their disposal.

Needless to say, I do know how to say them better and accept your statement of them being good ideas as a compliment.

Good ideas. But I hope that this game doesn’t just progress towards one game like minecraft, dayz or STALKER. Instead they take elements from all of those games to make Rust a unique experience, as well as add completely new innovations to the game. I really want this game to be a unique experience.

why is everyone calling this game “play rust”

it’s rust

just rust

Deconstruct feature would break the game IMO, it would allow house owners to completely seal off their house when they log off, making it completely unraidable, and then just open it up when they log back in. IMO Raiding peoples houses is a big part of this game.

That is a very good point. I was just considering a way to recycle or to recover from an error. But very good observation.

I updated the thread with more ideas or concepts and removed the deconstruction suggestion.

There are some really good ideas in here.

I like you, from what I’ve seen you’re a really HQ member posting paragraphs of helpful valuable ideas. People like you should be presented with a key.

No, just no.

I just hope to be heard. Some of the suggestions may be too far-fetched. I’m keeping an eye out for really good ones and collecting them here.

I’m a hoarder, lol.

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I thought long and hard about this one. People want a sense of ownership. They don’t want to build and create things if someone can just build right up against it and destroy it’s effect.

This gives creative people an outlet. If someone wants to fashion a wooden masterpiece, let them. Raid it all you want, but let their creativity stand or fall and not be littered upon.

I’m for simplicity mostly, but I’ve made some pretty cool things in Minecraft. I don’t care if people invade something and destroy it… it can be rebuilt. But for someone to just climb to the top and start defacing something amazing that a person spent 40+ hours building… Nah.

Each person enjoys their game differently.

Whether it’s raiding, pilfering, hunting, hoarding, or killing. Vandalism is going to deter a lot of awesome creativity. I really enjoy seeing amazing creations on the landscape. It’s a good way to break up the game and it gives people something to talk about.

One thing I heard discussed on Lirik’s stream today was the aspect of blowtorches/welding torches to break through metal doors. Basically, rethink the idea of grenade use or what is needed to get through a metal door and then sledgehammers for wooden but much more rare, things like that.

I personally think, the more you craft of something, the less time it should take for you to craft another item.

for lack of better terms here is an example:
Every time you build a foundation you are more experienced in building foundations, after a couple of foundations, a person would know how to create them more efficiently.

Thus, I believe that after several 100 foundations that you’ve made, you should be able to craft them a lot quicker than the 80 seconds.

Also, a crafting list would be great, where you can queue up a set of crafting materials and just let it go to work.

personally do not really like the idea of building complete houses in this game, there will be problems or troublesome by the large number of constructs partially finished, beyond that guess I should just be able to create makeshift barricades and doors, for example a horde of zombies this behind you, then you enter a house to protect themselves, but the door is broken or has a hole or passage open in the house, then you put the door or barricade to protect yourself, guess I would be more exciting.

If you’re outdoors podesse create only a small camp, something like a small makeshift tent wood to protect from the rain.

relation to weapons, firearms and ammo should be much more rare. being impossible manufactures them or just specific parts, focusing on the creation of new weapons like bows, petrólbombs (Glass bottle, gasoline or alcohol, cloth) or a shotgun improvised.

also add a bar seat, where to fetch water should be getting something like a bottle (300mls) or something larger that could be used to charge also other liquids such as gasoline or drinks found or prepared. each sip would be used 100 mls of water for example.

gasoline could be used to power cars found by the map.

I completely agree with the rarity of weapons. They should be VERY difficult to manufacture, considering you’re putting them in a pan on a campfire… uh, yeah. I know it’s temporary and not intended to be perm. And it’s probably really easy so that people can actually get plenty of testing in on the weapons.

Assuming weapons are fairly easy to come by, ammo should perhaps be rare.

I like the idea of most fighting to be melee and occasionally there are shoot-outs. But with rare ammunition, you’re not going to be popping off 100 rounds left and right killing random noobs. You’ll be more inclined to stealthily sneak up on them and axe their ass.

Good idea as far as i can tell,But there must be a lowest time(like max lowest time for a Door is 5 secs or something) you can craft stuff.I mean otherwise just Summon Walls etc. from the Void

Before all that I would suggest a simple emote/animation:
“Im peacefull”

Character holsters weapon and throws hand in the air.

Simple and to the point, no more crap like jumping or crouching like a fish out of water.

or voip because emotes like that aren’t used in any game since runescape

How about a white flag?

I personally love the crouching/jumping. I think it’s hillarious.