Well, my first impressions are mostly positive. The game itselft with the basebuilding and crafting system are pretty awesome.
The textures could have more detail, but im fine with it. Its an alpha. so…


Explosive Charges: way too cheap in production, should be more expensive, because raiding is too easy with it.

Braces /shores: So we have more possibilitys to build a base, e.g. a tower with a big platform on it.

Start/Beginning: It’s a bit strange to start naked and with a stone. I mean, it is an post apocalyptic world…

Construction/Bestruction: It would be nice if we could destroy or deplace the objects we placed! Furthermore it would be nice to have more possibilities to protect our base.

Weather System: Due to the post apocalyptic theme, there are some nice possibilities for the weather like acid/RAD rain, a nuclear winter (greetings from the fallout 4 hoax :P), cloudy, normal rainy days, storms.

Explosive charges: They are fine how they are, and raiding is a large part of the game
Braces: I don’t see the point really.
Start/Beginning: This likely will not change.
Construction/Bestruction [sic]: this is coming soon, confirmed by dev Helk.
Weather: I suggested it before, got very positive reviews and is probably coming soon according to MaxofS2D.

Also why is your post icon Wii? :v: