I know that the game is in alpha. But, I honestly haven’t found where to post suggestions! (Seriously, I want people to listen to my awful ideas. So vain of me, right? I’m sure a lot of people want somewhere to spout their idiotic opinions and cheesy implications on what does/does not need to be changed.)
First one would probably be “Give us Tatas!” As a girl gamer I’m not quite opposed to the possibilities of female character models. But the developers probably get a large influx of horny web-zombies just wanting to rape a female corpse they freshly killed. But, like DayZ, girls could totally be traps, which might open up new areas of game play. Perhaps stuff like handcuffs and gags and whatnot would also appease the horny web-zombies, but I don’t actually recommend that. (But it’d be cool to keep prisoners or… I unno…* ransom* or something.)

And I don’t think people want a method of trading, I mean throwing stuff on the ground is completely viable. Right? You throw 100 things of shotgun ammo at them, and they probably won’t blow up your face! Trust just works that way. Innocent until you end up dead with like, 210 cloth, 82 rifle rounds, and about your entire cache of weapons snagged from you. Fair is fair.
I’m also going to throw out there the never-ending search for a community server with no way to narrow it down is about, half the fun. With the lack of a server search system, you get to look at hundreds of cruddy names of a bunch of nerds trying to advertise their youtube channel! (And I dunno. The people on SluttyNinjaPirates seem like they’re ready for a good time ;D)

There’s also obvious things. Like, when will Zombies get tired of chasing you when you have nothing but a rock to defend yourself? There is no real way to outrun the bastards, you kind of just gotta bob and weave until they get stuck on something. I mean, a decaying zombie can also run as fast as a fully healthy person! Who knew, right? Most of us figured they’d be like the walking dead. A bunch of dumb slobbering shells who swarm you instead of chase you until you’re cornered and have to beat things with a rock. Perhaps some kind of alert system would attract them? Like, you shoot a gun, the range of which they aggro increases. :smiley:

I also feel that we definitely don’t need the ability to deconstruct stuff. I mean, why not just wipe 6 hours of collecting wood, rocks, and metal to make a base, just to get rid of the 12,293 locked huts on the server? Then again if huts decayed, that’d leave all the goodies you put in it open for take. Oopsies. Well, perhaps you can carry crates full of stuff at the cost of movement speed? Or just an inventory expansion on achieving a backpack or something would be awesome.

Oh! And let’s not forget the fun of windows. What? You mean there’s already windows in the game? I’m talking about windows you can’t walk through. (Even though if you put a spike wall outside of it, you don’t deal with all of the invader bs. Mostly because one second of spikage is 25 health a pop! Your welcome, noobcakes.) Perhaps it’s also a glitch. Happens.

Someone somewhere also said something about some-such of a bridge… something that can connect towers to each other. Which actually sounded quite useful. But I don’t take credit for that. I just take credit for posting it to this thread right now which may or may not get dev attention. Then I’ll get an email saying “We love you Morbid! Please come work for us and give us more of your crappy ideas! Not like you’re working on a degree in game crap anyway.” Nah. Just kidding. That’s only what I wish would happen. (Me and my developing addiction)

Though most of the sarcastic suggestions were most likely recommended prior to this post, I was too lazy to look for individual suggestion threads. Plus, I can’t stand people with horrifying grammar attempting to give a professional opinion. (Learn to spell if you want to be taken seriously. Morons.)

All in all, I will state that I’m loving this game. It’s yet to really show a bug (with the exception of the server select screen where you click a million times and don’t even get into the server, but I can get over that.) I’m excited to see it progress to beta, and I adore the sense of humor most facepunchers portray. I also think there needs to be a bigger influx of RP (Role-playing/Village-Building) servers. But, that’s just me asking to be called a nerd and lifeless because I don’t want people to shoot me when I’m making sweet love to my campfire. (The burning passion it fills me with is over 9000)

Love you guys, keep on keeping on, you’re doing a great job and making a fantastic game!

Oh man, the raids one could pull off with a bridge… Life would be wonderful!

Our text that great guy, liked most.

I’ve talked about this somewhat with various people in-game, the already incredibly vastly immature and adolescent individuals who play the game, couldn’t handle a female. Lets face it, the closest they ever got to a female was with their mothers. Honest Opinion

The ability to deconstruct stuff I believe is partially stemming from the need to de-clutter the map of abandoned player structures having a toll on the server’s performance. But if houses weren’t so darn easy to break into, people wouldn’t have to make a mansion of air-locked module orientated structures. To those people getting raided daily, they can end up making many houses in a short space of time.

If I were to ignite explosives in a relatively zombie dense area, the place should be crawling with zombies from all directions. Making the escape much more difficult the longer they’re there.

I like the idea of a bridge, currently with structures requiring a foundation under every block, this would provide a really interesting form of gameplay for connecting securely with other’s residences.

Well. Being a female player, I feel that I would like to have tits. I mean, it may also bring in more traffic, because… well. you’re right. They can’t handle a female, and most of them love the aesthetics. A dude playing a chick is more fuel for me to shoot people in the face, which I can never get enough of. And I dunno, I’ve seen some pretty charming gamer guys out there. ;D Not saying any of them is in the Rust Community, but just throwing it out there. :>

I was mostly suggesting de-clutter, as well as moving bases. Perhaps deconstruction could act as a way to recycle resources as well, making it favorable and useful to the people. It could happen. At one point in time I had died like, 5 times, and each time I made a shelter in a different area. When I finally got stable and found somewhere to settle down, I ended up going around to all five of my abandoned shelters, moving all of the supplies to my base. I mean, I would have rather taken down those shelters in use for more supplies, as well as saving the poor server the lag.

You could technically make a bridge with ceilings, but they’re roomy. Not quite so much just a small bridge to walk across or shoot from, more like a suspended room. Kinna silly.

I’m sure you’re aware that many guys will go out of their way, just to kill/pick on a girl. My girlfriend, in other games has received a lot of rather lude comments and unprovoked advances. While being singled out and sought out by individuals, resulting in a form of continual torment, no matter what community she plays in.

Actually that would make a rather nice addition, swinging your axe on a wooden house to receive wooden planks. And the equivalent on metal structures.

Mm, it tends to look like a bit of a castle/fortress. If only we could leave messages/billboards outside our doorstep. Whatever you do, please do not… Your compliance much appreciated. Don’t forget to take off your shoes before trespassing.

Yes. I do understand people go out of their way to pick on a female. I am a female. It’s kind of obvious.
But people will also go out of their way to flirt with a female.
Or spoil a female.
It depends on the female.
I like saying female.

Usually, depending on the type of girl, and the type of people you’re playing with, results may vary. I’ve had games where I was trolled. I just left, found another server, went again without a fuss. I also found a game where they found out I was female and they spoiled the crap out of me and basically became big brothers to me. It was kind of cute. Then the server reset. :frowning:

People being able to play girls might bring in more traffic. A lot of girl gamers won’t play games unless they can create a female.
I think if the girls aren’t sexualized (with megatits and dat azz) then men might be less likely to play them, while females will still get the sensation of equality (Which I honestly could care less about, but I know a lot of ladies who are all like “Gamer Equality” like there aren’t enough games with female player models.)

Are you suggesting that females are suffering from inequality in this day and age? Surely not. Watches a music video It’s all true.

When I was younger, I used to exploit the male players in mmo’s, in-order to obtain valuable items.

I can’t believe someone just said that, brutally honest though. No doubt Garry would have a say in this department, hopefully the female model would be equally as degrading as the player model. The guys would be disappointed, the girls would be happy. The guys couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Problem solved.

I can’t tell if you’re calling me stupid or if you’re agreeing with me. I myself honestly wouldn’t care, not having a female model wouldn’t make me throw myself down on the ground and cry about it. I’m just saying it 1) could bring in more traffic, 2) Could add to the fun of the game. Honestly, I do have friends that refuse to play games that they cannot be females in. I am personally not one of these people, but there are a lot of them out there. It’s some sort of equality spat. (Which, again, laced in sarcasm, “Like there aren’t enough games with female player models.”) It also goes into customizing player models, which might be cool, but these are suggestions, not demands. In most Alphas, suggestions are appreciated, even if they’re idiotic and stupid or impossible.

I’m agreeing with you, it may pan out quite nicely customisation.

If they go ahead with the proposed human AI, the game would certainly have the variety and uniqueness of character that people desire in a game.

yeah that bridge suggestion was me :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed with the rest of your stuff

I have to say I agree completely with pretty much all of these suggestions… The only thing I would be curious to is, would the devs have to lock buildings/parts of buildings down to the player who placed them? If they did not, would that not give more incentives to raiders to come and just demolish your building, getting free resources out of it?
Maybe I’m not understanding properly though.

Were you my knight in shining armor? I don’t remember their names. One of them was Rude Boy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m saying you demolish your own building. Y’know? Like how doors are locked to only one person, maybe only one person can demolish a building. That sort of thing.
I just think it’d be something easier on not only the players, but the servers as well. It’s just one of those things that I’d recommend in order to make life easier for everyone.
Like, only you can wack your building with your rock and only you get resources from your buildings. If you wack someone else’s shack with your rock, you get nothing. That sort of thing.

No I completely agree. It’s been paining me that I can’t move things around, like if you stuff up your placement on anything, you have to demolish it down, without having any chance of getting it back… Bye Bye 10-15mins of resources (depending on what you’ve made)