1.) Get rid of the head-bob while running… know numerous people that wont play because of it.
2.) Modern Weapons should be extremely hard to get… very rare.
3.) Replace Zombies with Mutants… makes sense with the radiation…
4.) Run toggle… pinky finger is soooo tired.
5.) Party/clan system

There are a ton of things we can do for this game, for me my most enjoyable moments are the ones with primitive weapons… bow fights… rock fights are 10x more fun than being one shot in full Kevlar by a shotgun… leads me too
6.) remove headshot ability with shotgun…

I honestly wouldn’t mind all modern weapons being removed… keep all the crazy man made gun stuff… replace c4 with dynamite… think that would be fun as hell.

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  1. No, I happen to like it. Best solution would be an option to remove it so everyone gets their way.
  2. This is already coming
  3. Hinted at, zombies ARE being removed though.
  4. Option, again.
  5. No. If you want a group, then you gotta work hard to make it work, it would make it harder for us lone wolf players, and most of us don’t want that.
  6. That’s so unbelievably ridiculous.

Listen, I and thousands of other players that actually have people that want to play with us, unlike you… ( I can tell by your response you probably play solo ) are tired of building a billion doors to one structure… party/clan system would make this better. You want to play solo you can still do that, but the rest of us that want to play with friends… its not easy.

and to the shotgun thing… how many times you been unloading on a guy with an m4, he gets a lucky shotgun spray off once, and boom dead… from a headshot… that is ridiculous sir.

You don’t play many games, do you? Go play Counter-Strike, you will be bawling your eyes out when you get shotgunned, it’s always a headshot.

Also, I too have to build a billion fucking doors, that’s how you build securely, only difference is, I do collecting myself. The game doesn’t need a coordinated clan system, that’s up to the players.

From your attitude I think you are probably some lonely neck-beard that has no clue what a game should require in the MMO department. CS GO was garbage… Is garbage. Will always be garbage.

Did you really make an alt to tell me off? God you are a special kind of stupid.

I had to make an alt because the moderators on this forum are idiots, and 3 day banned me for posting my 2nd post in the wrong spot… then the new user that replied to my thread to tell me it was in the wrong spot was banned also… what a group of winners HERE! you must fit right in kiddo.

Edit* look at you troll these forums hardcore also… how fat are you?

(User was permabanned for this post ("Alt" - Orkel))

184, slightly overweight, nothing to write home about. Also, making an alt usually gets you a perma, just saying.

You sound like a moderator, that bans people that disagree with you…

Nope, just a forum hopper who tries his best to follow the rules.

Jumping on everyone’s threads and forcing your opinion down their throat is not helping anyone. You know you can… JUST NOT REPLY… if you disagree with something… the fact that you feel the need to chime in on everything on these forums shows how desperate you are, and do realize no1 gives a flying #$#@ if they get banned on a forum… my life will go on not reading your BS… or dealing with these special ed moderators.

I forced nothing. It was all opinion, my opinion is your ideas are crap, live with it and take some criticism, you little baby.

jonnymad makes people mad. :3

What a bunch of dump suggestions.

dump suggestions eh?

Nah, my name is jonnymad because the “mad” part is a shortening of my last name (Madison.) First part comes from my first name (Jonathan.) It was a nickname I carried through high school that a few of my friends came up with.


Oh and by the way, back to this, I was referring to CS:S, a reskin of CS 1.6, THE most successful Half-Life mod ever with a HUGE fanbase.

Still funny. :smiley:

Depends on your definition of funny. :v:

Lets change funny to ironic. :wink: