Here are some ideas that I think should be put in. (I understand it’s in alpha and other stuff needs improving first)

-Signs, Uses paper and wood or planks.
-Ladders, To climb…
-Metal crates, Holds more items and is harder to break.
-Quiver, Carries more arrows.
-Long range scope, Sniper scope basically…
-Bipod, For sniping…
-Crossbow, More accurate than the bow, but hard to make.
-Lamp, Uses low grade fuel to light, Lasts longer than the flare, Can be held in hand or placed on something.
-Barbed wire, Does more damage then spikes and harder to break. Possibly used other than fencing?
-Locked chest with 4 digit code, Way harder to break than a metal crate, needs lockpick or code to open. Hard to craft.
-Blow gun, Shoot posion darts at people to kill them or a less powerful poison to knock them out.
-Hand cuffs, When handcuffed people can force you to walk somewhere…
-Burlap sack, Goes over someones head, They can’t see or is very dark. Works great with handcuffs.
-Horses,saddle, Self explanatory…
-Snakes, venomous and non venomous…
-Dogs, Wild until tamed. Can be used to attack people.
-Machete, Can be used to decapitate people.
-Rope,Used to tame horses or to tie someone up. Or lasso them…
-Goats, Birds, buffalo, tigers, lions.
-medicine, If you get sick from uncooked food or bitten by a venomous snake, etc.

That’s all I can think of. Long list but some cool stuff. Tell me what you think or hate.

Most all have been discussed, most all good ideas. Just give them time.