I have a few suggestions for this game, one of them is to make modern guns unable to be crafted, or learned to be crafted, it’s too unrealistic. Another one is to make food unable to be cooked in campfires, I think there should be a spit that you can make with wood and you can put the chicken on that to cook it, and also when you get metal you should be able to make a crock pot to make food more efficiently. Another is that I think gun mods shouldn’t be able to be crafted either. And another is I think that you can’t craft metal hatchets so perfectly. I think you should make it so that you can like find knives in towns and you can use those to turn logs into string and you can tie metal fragments onto a stick to make something like a “Crappy Metal Hatchet”. Same for stone. All in all, I don’t want modern guns, modern gun ammo, or perfect metal hatchets to be able to be crafted. Also, I wan’t the cooking system to be improved, and I wan’t the start of the game to be more of a challenge in general. Also, make guns less rare so it’s not impossible to get them without blueprints.

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Thanks, I’m new to this forum. Just wanted to submit my ideas to make Rust better.