Suicidal Gaming Geek (Ragdoll request)

I have a request. Obviously. My friend has an internet series, and i would like a ragdoll of his character(with HL2 bones, please). An npc (reskin for metropolice or citizen) would be awesome. Heres a link to his video:
And, here’s a bonus, if you could make an extra hat prop, with the smiley face, that’s be good , too.

Here’s a chart of awesomeness:

If you make a Ragdoll: You’re awesome
Ragdoll+Npc or Extra Hat prop: I love you
All three: Wanna come over later?

Is is ok if I bump? It’s been like 3 months…and, now people actually kinda know who I am on FP…so…yea…

3 month bump, you serious?

Just make another fucking topic

I’d rather do a bump. I just saw this thread while looking through old ones, and this saves space on the FP server, and I dont need to retype it.