Suicide Barrels - Release [Gamemode] [Not Fretta]

Before I get started, I do not own the rights to Suicide Barrels this is simply just a port to GMod 13 for it and a few new features.
I haven’t seen a Suicide Barrels update for a while, maybe just because it’s unpopular or people just don’t want to port the sh*t.

So here’s my introduction to this piece of work, thanks to gustebeast for funding this project to get it finished.

If you want to view gustebeast’s progression and his official Suicide Barrels servers/live version of this gamemode you can goto!
If there’s any bugs and/or errors, just leave a reply and I’ll fix it when I get time.

Credit - I believe this is the previous version/download of this gamemode.
I’m sure there’s more credit to be added, if there is I will add it.

How to Play
This is an infection based gamemode, this meaning that there is 1 Barrel to start and the rest of the players are Humans. The Barrels goal is to kill all of the Humans before the timer depletes, if that is not accomplished then the Humans win.

Left Click - Go boom.
Right Click - Plays a taunt.

Left Click - Shoot your weapon.
Right Click - Reload.

Images were gigantic so here’s the links.
Humans POV (Point of View)
Barrels POV (Point of View)


  • Soon? If you want to make a video, please do!

Suicide Barrels Download ( (Mirror)

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Oh…I guess I did.
I just saw a release forum in here and though this would be the place but, alright.
Hopefully a mod can remove this, lmao.

Sounds badass