Suicide Barrels remake [WIP]

I used to host a popular Suicide Barrels server and recently i missed playing it. Since it doesn’t work between all the updates i started coding a clone of it from scratch.

Its pretty much done except now i need a few people to help test it out. If you can help test i would appreciate it.

Server IP:

Screen Shots:

Any ideas to make it better?

Well there’s a working version for fretta already…

And it requires fretta (ugg no thanks)… this is just a simple remake of a great gamemode that doesn’t require anything else to run.

Please give it the Style of its Original Idea. The original Sourcegame was called Suiciders and Suvivours.

Here a Vid of the original:

Please give it this funny style of the original. It fits much more than the rusty barrel style.
Getting killed by plants is much funnier XD


Don’t trick it out! Please! Simplicity is what made the original fun. Ah, the days when the scoreboard said “Base Gamemode”…

I was planing on making the game allow more than one “barrel” model… so plants on a map is possible.

Actually, Suicide Survival, came after Suicide Barrels.


Also, that’s an awesome idea.

Ok I’ll put this plainly:

Humans have a pistol with 999 bullets.
They only carry one bullet per clip.
Reload time is not too slow (I’d say maybe between 0.3 and 0.7 seconds).

Barrels can jump.
They can taunt, but not to the point where one barrel could provide a teams-worth of spam.
They’re detonation is not on a timer.
Make sure they’re as fast as humans.

Aside from that it’s just a DM. Simple, fun, and not all fancy.
No power-ups please.

That is a basic summary of the old suicide barrels game. And it was so much fun, just not enough servers.