Suicide Bombers (Allah Akbar!)

I think we should be able to strap c4 to our (or others) bodies at the cost of our/their life.

We now finally have a use for all the naked people running around!

Just simply press e on a player and select “attach c4” or something like that.

Not only will this be awesome, but we can now attract a large group of Saudi Arabians to rust!

Allah Akbar!

(User was banned for this post ("Terrible thread, missed the suggestions subforum." - postal))

Well this is slightly offensive

If I could sneak up to someone and strap a bomb that’ll kill them to them and walk away that’d be the best shit

Add cooking to grenades. Thats all we need

I think we should also be able to put grenades into chicken, so when your unsuspecting victim eats it, BOOM

I swear if they implement this, it will stop naked people from asking for food.

I think FBI just got interested in this thread

in trocks in particular


I made this item a few weeks ago, vote for it!

Will help get the numbers up with all the terrorists coming to Rust for training.

Although, I think Rust would make them rage quit so…

Oh, so all because I want to blow up people and people’s houses automatically makes me a terrorist?

Thats like saying that all because I’m black I automatically like fried chicken.

So racist…

Btw, anyone interested in going to friday night mosque with me? They say some famous guy named Al’ Kada is gonna be there, can’t wait!

Terrorist = Dood that causes terror

Blowing shit up = terrifying

Guise hes terraristez


That is pretty racist bro.
Just saying,
You’re saying all Arabs are Suicide Bombers.
I am an Arab, am i a suicide bomber? NO.
First i will report you, second I will block you.
There have been plenty of suicide bombers, Russians, Italians, Germans, Japanese etc.
Allah Akbar is a muslim term, I’m a Catholic Arab. You’ve now said that all Arabs are Muslims that Suicide Bomb.
You sir need to be banned.

Jesus dude, take it easy. It was stupid, but you don’t need to get all upset

Bigotry and racism aren’t funny to everyone, especially who are targeted by it.

People like him ruin the Rust community.
What if i started making fun of Japanese and their Kamikaze Pilots, I’m sure the Japanese community would take great offense.

Of course not, but he’s just an idiot, there’s no need to flame him because of it.

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This game doesn’t have a very big Japanese community :v: and even if it did, if you did that you would be a fucking idiot, but it doesn’t warrant flaming.

This forum is getting more thorny every day. Chill out, guys. It was a joke – and nobody got hurt in the making.

All jokes aside, this sounds like a good idea, until I think about some of the people on my server.

I can guarantee newspawns will hate the game even more, because there’s gonna be people with way too much C4 sneakily strapping it to nakeds mining rocks.

Uhm, well…

Not to completely murder your bubble, just saying that the Arabs as a people (yes, just like the world calls Americans FAT). Are pretty much the very first thing that comes to mind when you think suicide bomber. Heck, you might even see kids here in the states playing as an ARAB and hollering LALALALALALALALLALALA ALLAAKHAKABOOD.

Just sayin

I can feel the spirit.