Suicide cheat!

Suicide cheat! Terribly upset hackers cheat suicide that kills everyone in the area. And even more frustrating that steam anti-cheat bans are not these people. Special hate when you go to the reset point ammunition and kill you there cheater (and all around) and takes what he wants.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hacks discussion thread" - postal))

So many of these posts. The hackers don’t care about your stuff, they care about pissing you off. Stop showing them that they won.

There are so many of these posts cause there are so many of these hacker/cheaters doing this to players…

There are so many cause this game is ONLY made for hacker and focus are made on making new content over making this game playable.

For “focus are made on making new content over making this game playable” as you say… they are doing a really poor job of that since the community is finishing features they are promising faster than the actual dev team is… and they are not doing enough to stop the influx of cheaters either… so what are they really doing other than checking their bank balances every day?

lol quit being such a baby. Over a thousand cheaters have been banned so far and numerous patches have been put out to break current hacks and hinder the creation of any further ones. You really can’t make a hacker proof game but they are at least trying to make things better for you guys.