Suicide Vests...

Because why not?

Going to hate me for an idea? Then explain what’s the difference between shooting a rocket launcher at someone and a suicide vest. I’ll wait. :slight_smile:

you cannot be serious

Everyone of your suggestions I read just seem to get stupider and stupider. If you’re going to spam the forum with suggestions at least put a decent amount of thought in to it, not just “Suicide vests, because why not?”.

Don’t mean to be a troll but wow, you’re probably the most annoying person that frequently visits these forums and you’ve only been a member for less then 2 weeks, so many pointless and unneeded suggestions that are clearly never going to be implemented into the game.

You think you mean anything to me dude? Nah. :wink:

Did I ever say I did? Nah I don’t believe I did. I simply stated how annoying your shitty suggestions are getting.

Thats a bit disproportional, dont u think?

And yea… Suicide vests might indeed introduce some new and interesting game mechanics, although at this point all I can think of are these guys :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s human nature to reject creative ideas. You’re simply a victim of it. :slight_smile:

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It’s really something you’d do for fun. I’m going for that whole ‘crazy island’ vibe that this game is taking on. I figured suicide vests are a brilliant way to embrace that.

Well, you could be a bit more specific in what morevalue you expect from a suggested idea
What would make this possible that isn’t right now, how would this impact what aspects of the gameplay etc…
We are basically aware of all possible types of warfare, so naming one doesn’t do a lot.
Name reasons why we should choose one instead.

Well cut me some slack. It’s 5:30 AM here. I’ve been up all night and any ideas I get I just throw them in the forums because I love the game and want it to succeed. For some reason I’m hated because of that. There’s no difference between a suicide vest and a rocket launcher aside from the range. If anything it’s simply a disadvantage to wear one. Only used for fun.

Experiencing ‘being hated’ based on a couple of critical comments seems more like overexaggerating to me, besides, they are feedback, showing you that you should probably act less impulsive and post when stuff has morevalue to others instead of regurgitating ageold spitballs.

“Everyone of your suggestions I read just seem to get stupider and stupider”

Is an immature response. If he disliked the idea without insulting me there wouldn’t be an issue. But he didn’t. Simple. It’s not feedback it’s a flame post.

I agree … but it’s the internet… there will always be dicks :stuck_out_tongue:

*even though your 3 word post didn’t deserve a lot of patience…

Eh, I know I probably should have written more. Usually I do sit there and think it all out. But honestly? I’m just exhausted and I remembered how funny the Suicide Vest was in ARMA 3: Altis Life.

Oh well, I’ve moved on. Forgive and forget.

It seems that some people get really angry when suicide vests are mentioned like it’s something sacred never to be spoken of. They would create many funny situations in rust.

Yeah they would. I’m honestly shocked people act the way they do. Honestly, I’ve chalked it up to trolls.

People are just mean… It’s not a bad idea, but yes it was a bad way to start your post. Theres nothing wrong with you making suggestions or talking to the community. Ignore the flamers and trolls

Thanks man. But yeah, I’ll have to expand upon it next time when I’m not half asleep. I already ignored most of them as it is.

Not having a go dude

but i don’t think we should be encouraging this type of weapon in general its not really accepted by by many and may upset a lot

Well I know all the games I’ve played [Mostly mods of other games] that this was probably one of the least used items. A suicide vest would really only be used for fun. You’d still need to strap C4 onto yourself which requires making it too. Not to mention finding a spot to use it would be a lot harder.

I just find it hilarious when I’m playing with a good group of friends and everyone is dicking around. It’s really not an effective strategy unless they were made fairly decent.