Suit battery, heal vial.

When I press Q - entities there’s a health vial and suit battery (armor) how can I add them to entities in DarkRP to make custom shipments?

You would need to have a lua coder, or yourself, create the custom shipment to spawn the entities on use. This would be more of a lua request than a help/support topic, since it’s not a broken issue or a simple fix. It’s easy to do, but if you don’t know how, I’m sure there is someone, or myself, willing to do it for payment.

Alternatively, there are tons of lua tutorials on how to do such a thing.

Well I attempted to do it but nobody would help.

No offense but that code is really bad and could easily lead to some really big exploits. You don’t need to recode health vials or suits, they’re already in the game, all you need to do is code the shipment to spawn it.

Yeah since it all failed that’s what I want, if you can help me add me on steam - Darklom

Assuming you’re “darklom” with the penguin avatar, then yes, I’ve added you.