Suit of Armour


This contraption has taken us a while to create. It is an ultra-modern style super-suit, with mouse-controlled steering, turrets on the hands, and an automated camera controller.


-The suit itself is difficult to get into, because of the props used for the armor surrounding the pod. To get in, start in the front of it, noclip, hold control to slow your noclip speed, slowly move forward, and you’ll be able to get in eventually.
-The expression requires updating every time you spawn the suit. I colored the expression pink to make it more noticeable, you can change the color after you spawn it.
-It has a tendency to spas on occasion, but will almost always correct itself the next time you get in the pod.
-Uses a crap load of parented props, so be careful with constraints and other such server-crashing things.

This was created entirely by shoffing and Genkaz92. This is our first project we made together, and will be our first official release. Anything criticism is greatly appreciated.


more screenshots, without the turrets:

I have nearly forgot to mention that we, as co-workers, will most likely be releasing other hopefully interesting projects.

Good job man!

Sure it looks nice but

>>No arms between the torso and the hands
>>No legs!!!

However, it has given me INSPIRATION. That is to say, I’m gonna make my very own suit of powered armor! And it’ll be AMAZING!!!

it was not meant to have it, it relies on levitation technology. It is also flight based, therefore legs are not required.


This is probably one of the things you would make Kidd.

What a piece of shit

i appreciate your admiration.

Got a video, I’d love to see what it can do, and I don’t feel like downloading it. From the pictures, it looks good. :stuck_out_tongue:

It runs entirely on applyForce(), similar to what the super suit did. It also makes a great wedding gift.

i will most likely record basic footage soon.

I’ll be waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

You should give the original author some credit too, even if you wrote all the code for this version of the super-suit yourself.

Unless it is just a coincidence.

these suits are not even remotely related, but thank you very much for telling me, i did have awareness of that contraption.

We will NOT give credit to the specified individual, because everything we did here was in a completely different fashion. He ballsocketed the seat to allow full rotation, we used eyepods instead. He used grabbers, we used turrets. Think of it this way: every time someone uploads a new turret, do they have to give credit to the originator of the turret? Everytime someone posts a car, do they give credit to the creator of the car? No. Contraptions evolve over time. But if you’re asking me if I was partially inspired by that suit, the answer is yes. But just barely. Not enough that I thought to mention him in credits. I’m sorry for that oversight.

one of my posted images was hacked. We seemed to have located the source:

Looks like a cockroach with no legs.

Yea they are, you theif, I just looked over the code…

I took a look at the code as well, and I thought it looked completely original. I am pretty sure it was just the concept which was copied, unless I made a mistake in my code comparison.

btw, I really like the looks of it and you guys did a really good job.