Suitcase Swep

I was wondering, Ever since I seen the citizens in the C17 Train Station, could, and would it be possible to make a ‘Scripted weapon’ out of the Suitcase they hold…Like in the scene where the metro-cop pushes the citizen. Would it be able to hold things in it, and maybe drop it?..It would serve as a Machinima prop more than anything else I should think.

I’d get a picture, But my computer doesn’t like source games running with everything I have on at this moment, And I can’t find anything related.

Dang, So close…But you get my point.

[Kick self]

Yeah, but you would need to change the bones on the suitcase model. I actually tried this a while back, and the model was at an angle. I’m talking about a player holding it. I’m not sure about npc’s.

Well, I’m somewhat trying to learn Autodesk 3DSmax, But I learned Zbrush alot quicker. getting there…Though I still struggle on how I can move the camera.