Suitcases are helpful in the case of Persian invasions

It’s an inside joke really, but I was so pleased with it I thought I’d post it here as well.

It’s my 1st proper Gmod pose, but I’m thinking of making more in the future so if anyone has some good tips that’d be great.

That editing’s pretty cool dude

Not awful, aside from the NPCs that is.

Posing could be better but that editing is great all I can say is maybe tone down the noise. Other then that its a awesome 2nd pose!

My only issue is with the npc. Rest looks fanfuckingtastic.

It’s pretty funny.

i love this.

“I’ll be bowling with mah suitcase.”

Noted: Do not use NPCs.

Side-by-side comparison:

there is so much noise my ears hurt from looking at this picture.

Pretty rad! I get why you used used noise, I suggest you turn it to monochromatic next time tho.