Summer Chun Li?

I know this is a stupid request, but could anyone edit (and hex) this model:

into the chun li here

please? An optional request is to put her in a bikini, but my main request is this.


I also like to see this.

thanks for supporting, although I doubt it’ll ever happen. Have you even SEEN how lucky you have to be to get your model request made? at least 500 threads have dropped dead in this forum.

I know, I made a request ones, 3 days later… dead.


see? Perfect example of a thread going down a five foot whole.

EDIT: OK a 9 foot hole but whatever.


Dont bump too much.

Its unhealthy.

Then I’ll do it.
I’ll bump till Irockz is restored.


If you keep on bumping you probably won’t get it at all. You’d need to wait a few days.

more bumping more chance this will never get released

Either you want it so you bump or you don’t want it so you bump.

I’d like focus being shifted to getting the RIFT girl, really.

We have a normal chun-li and normal lara so if any of them got ported the RIFT girl norm would prob be fair

We do not have a proper model of Chun-Li, just half-done junk. And I say this with a broken heart. </3

Isn’t that the main character from Hydrophobia: Prophecy?

i would love to see all of them actually

I thought it was too but then I realized it wasn’t once I saw the final last day picture and they drew her with her armor on

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Almost every port feels like half-done shit

We have a MVC3 port thread, who needs a model to fulfill some 13 year old kids fantasy

Yeah the point is your post killed the thread.

i’m late but… i support !