Sumotori Dreams gamemode?

Just putting this out there, it’s not really a request, just pointing out a fun idea.

I think it’d be fun if someone made a gamemode that’s like “Sumotori Dreams”. I’ll let the video explain itself…

Basically a bizarre sort of ragdoll wrestling thing where they stumble around like they’re drunk. It’s funny as hell.

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This should really be in gamemode requests.

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That would mean a new ragdoll physics ‘engine’ has to be written which would probably be impossible

For the models themselves you could probably just make some boxes and ballsocket them together. Making them act even remotely intelligently is probably the bit that’s impossible. Unless that’s what you meant.

Yeah. I mean you can give them a sort of bonestructure in a very crooked way, but it is not possible, or requires alot of coding, to get them to behave as the characters in the video

It’s probably possible but I have no idea how you’d even begin to code something like that. Maybe some of the better coders around here knows.

But you ARE one of the better coders :frown:

I’ve never seen this before. This would be an epic GMod gamemode.

Yeah, I recently became addicted to watching footage of the game dubbed over with TF2 or L4D characters, it’s epic. Seeing as how the game is physics-based, it seemed that the Source Engine would fit a game like this perfectly.


You totally reversed it, physics based games is worst in source, the source physics engine (the havok implemention) is pretty much shit