Sumotori Guy

Yeah yeah, it’s a model with almost no effort needed to make, but it was a fun little 30 minute model I did.


The SUMOTORI dude!

Comes with 4 skins: Blue, Green, White, and Brown!

Easily Posable!
Finger, Face, and Eye Posing! (:P)
For Comedic use!


Enjoy! :smiley:

aw yeah that brings me back

Ahah fuck yes.

I remember this game, it was great fun.

At last,my dream come true :v:

never seen green and orange

They’re players 3 & 4 in a 4 person sumo match. There’s a couple of videos on youtube with them.

The orange guy should be brown.

Ah the memories…

Thank you man.


Here’s a suggestion: Make Sumotori materials for the material tool. So that way we could use them on the building props and make our own Sumotori arenas.

For those of you who are in the dark about what the hell this is, allow me to enlighten thee.