Sun and Shadow issues.

Well, it’s more than that really. I haven’t been on Gmod in a while, so i’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like this. Well, in Flatgrass, Construct and any map that uses that Concrete with Grass anywhere near it… Concrete is supposed to be Grey, it is pure white. Blinding really. And as for Shadows, if i move a Prop into a position that involves them looking down, Left or Right they turn Black. Shadow issues? Anti Aliasing? I’m not good with this stuff. Also, the grass is a really light Green. I’ve put up with it for a few hours, but i’m going insane. My eyes will probably be Burning in the morning if i can’t get this Fixed and i go on Gmod before i have a Coffee.

That’s Bloom/HDR for you.

Is it possible to disable Bloom and bloody HDR?

Yes, Escape Key> Options> Video> Advance> Turn Bloom/HDR to off.


Hurr Durr. It didn’t do anything. God damnit. I’ll try again.