Sun Bed Prop

It has 4 skins and a complex collision model. Thanks go to fewes for helping me with a texture glitch.

Crap just noticed I put this in requests not releases. Can someone move it?

Cool… awesome i will put this on my ‘pools map’ thanks

Ps: You’re from Brazil? Natalya is a popular name here…

Wooooh I just had an excellent idea for a screenshot with it.
Nice model btw.

I’m sure I find some use for it. We need more people making general props like this, not endless variants of soldiers.

It’s a russian name. :downs:

Doesn’t make the name any less popular in Brazil.


is it even popular in brazil


cool model btw

I’m from USA. Glad you guys like it. :slight_smile:

Oh sweet, good to see somthing that isn’t another boring generic soilder reskin!

Looks awesome