Sun Dials!

So in the roman times they would use something called a sundial were a shadow is cast on a numeral which in turn tells you what time of day it is, it might be thinking too much outside of the box but never the less it is an idea!

Seems useless. There is no reason to know accurate time in Rust.

What if you are afraid of the dark?
What if you want to make sure you can get home before night time?
What if you have a date with another man?
What if you need to feed you slaves?
What if you generally just want to know what time of day it is out of sheer curiosity.

All you need is the sun itself.
You should be able to see if the sun is rising or lowering and from the suns position in the sky you can guess what time it is.

I hope they implement really cloudy days where you can’t see the sun at all or only sometimes for a few minutes. An all-gray sky

This is a neat idea, and I’ve actually seen people build rudimentary sundials out of 4 foundations, a post, and some signs. But it’s not really useful for anything other than a “neat” factor. Want to know what time it is? Look at the sun.


Foundation + 1 pillar, you’ve got yourself a sundial.

Lay down on your back and erect your penis.

You can make one by finding some flat land (or laying down alot of foundations) then stacking 2 or 3 pillars. Lay down campfires every five minutes and you have a sundial on the scale of stonehenge. Every village should have these.

It’s also a good test to see if the server is rubberbanding.

I actually like this, I might try this tonight but i will do the camp fires every 15 min

Actually, I disagree. It can be very useful to know how many daylight minutes you have left, when planning to move a large number of resources from one base to the next, or trekking across the snow biome in the cold, etc.

However, my crew have been making our own sundials for about a month now.

Out the front of our bases, we place 6x triangle foundations to form a circle, with a pillar in the center. I usually upgrade this to stone, just to stop people fucking with it. Then I wait for sunrise, and place a campfire around the edge of the circle, where the first shadow of the day casts. Then at sunset, I place another campfire, where the last shadow of the day casts. If you want, you can place more campfires at the halfway point, or at 10 min intervals, but that’s basically it. When I login, I can check whether the day has just started, or whether the sun will start setting in 5 mins, and plan my activities accordingly.