...Sun Rising in the West...?

Err, I cant help but notice that it seems like…the Sun rises in the west now with the new sky? Before…it seemed to always be East, with a slight variance. Maybe I had a brain fart moment… has anyone else noticed this?

i actually think it rises from the old south… maybe south west… and sets north/ north east.

Some admin decided that because everyone online agreed to skip night that we should just skip night. I was scratching my head wondering why it was getting brighter, but the sun was still in the west. So no you are not the only one to notice it. I developed a navigation instinct by using the sun and then they go change it up on me. :suicide:

Same here Sterio, its throwing me WAY off. I mean, it is just…instinct.

I never navigate with the sun (in game)

I use points of interest

Best way to do it.

Was the direction of North confirmed in Rust?

Well, Now i am going to have to Build a Stone Henge with Pillars. Lol :v:

It rises in the South now, not East anymore.

So that mean the South is the new East. Everything okay. :rolleyes:

Is it me or is the day/night cycle faster as well?

Daytime seems significantly faster. I also have to modify my bearings to adjust to the new east west. I wonder what the ttue orientation is.