Sun Rotation Bug On DEV Server?

Hello! I couldn’t help but envy the new sky and it’s setup, however, I noticed something odd with the suns rotation.

(The moon not actually rotating as it cycles the sky isn’t a big deal).

Unlike the Moon that follows from one side of the planet to the other in-game, the sun does not, I’m unsure if this is intentional or is a bug, I made a simple model mock-up to show my results.

I sat on the top of Mount Everust (Call it what you want) and watched the suns trajectory from where it rise and where it set, in the image below, the sun on the top right is the sun rising (Red is the suns trajectory) as you notice as it travels throughout the sky, it’s not directly EAST>WEST, but instead curves as it reaches the highest point in the sky, but then drops down as night falls, the Blue is the moon, which is lined up exactly where the sun sets, rises in the opposite direction (In Rust’s case, it’s rising in the south and falls in the north) and then the moon sets in the spot the sun set. Is there a reason why the sun curves almost a 30+ degree angle, yet the moon is stationary as normal? Or am I just crazy…

Bumping, because this is a bug, not a complaint.

It all depends on where you are on the planet.

IRL The same side of the moon is always facing the earth.

The sun will always rise and fall in different locations as the planet moves around it.

What OP is saying, is that the new sun path is going to confuse people that use it for navigational purposes [rises in east/sets in vest] when it appears that it rises in north east and sets in west

If you know it rises in the north east, then you would be able to allow for that when navigating

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also, It all depends on what part of the planet the Island is on.
Even IRL this can happen.

i think this is caused by the fact that YOU are not in the MIDDLE of the map. if you go to the middle of the map you should see it go east > west in a straight line, everust is the southern part of the island though thus no straight line…
that all adds up for me.

No he actually makes a valid point. When I was in the dev server a few people there were noting it. I stood still at the south most coast and the sun did not follow a line. Lets assume the sun moves from x0 to x100, east to west. In about 3 months IRL time, the sun will change position and it will not be a straight line east to west. The games sun is changing position quite drastically in a day.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the center of the map or not, the suns view is relative to your position and if you hold one position and trace it, you will see that it moves quite oddly.

The sun rising and setting locations all depends on where you are and the time of year.

It is not hard.

I get that it moves in a strange way but in Norway it doesn’t even set certain times of the year

It’s a small degree change from east to west, in my case here now it’s south east to north west in the winter, but it shouldn’t be dramatic like south east to exactly north.

omg who the hell cares?

lol…it is so easy to go way off…

There are much more things to worry about that are more important for Devs.

Sorry I brought something that doesn’t seem to be working to their attention, and if I or anyone else did, do you think they would have noticed it?

They can work on whatever the hell they want, adding this to their list to look into isn’t a big deal.

Good job, I thought it seemed off but I did not plot it and thought it was just me.

Since the sun is a rather crucial way for people to get around (especially before learning the map) I’d say this is a decent find.