Why in some places the sun white?

And in some normal

Why not bring back great and the yellow sun in “Rust Legacy” ?

This white sun spoil the atmosphere of the game
Guys, what do you think?

I don’t know if you ever looked at the sun… Sun set and sun rise its yellowish. When it’s in the sky it looks white.

Today I found out the Sun is white, not yellow.For you graphics people or web developers out there, the exact color of the sun is #fff5f2. The reason the Sun looks yellow to us on Earth is that our atmosphere scatters light from the Sun; so the apparent color of the sun changes. This same scattering effect is why the sky looks bluein the day time instead of black, like at night.
Specifically, what is going on here is the Earth’s atmosphere scatters light in the blue and violet wavelength range, so the remaining wavelengths of light appear yellow. This same effect is why the sky will also often appear yellow when the Sun is disappearing over the horizon, as well as why the sky/Sun can appear more red at times during this phase of the day.
As the sun is setting, more of the shorter wavelength blue is being scattered because of the decreased angle of the sun relative to you; thus the light has to pass through more atmosphere to get to you. This increased diffusion results in less of the blue wavelength being visible to you and thus what remains appears yellow. Similarly, if it is dusty or there are a lot of other larger particles in the air, this will filter out larger wavelengths, resulting in a red sky and red sun.

So… to boil it down, this is a complaint about the sun in Rust looking too real…

Why even complain about the things that are not so inportant right now :confused:

Guys, I know that the sun should look like.
But it is very white!

The real sun IS very white.

It’s also too round and too far away.

Sun colour is different in different parts of the world, and different depending on how the light passes through the atmospheric layers and which elements are present within the layers and the density of the elements,

Rust sunlight is connected to the biome so the sun looks different if you are in the snow and completely different in the desert biome, Each biome uses a different set of shaders to produce the overall ambiance of the environment.

We should be able to build up and harvest the sun.