Sunny Days on 2Fort Beach.

На отражении от воды забыл у хэви труселя нарисовать

this is Awesome! good job!

English please. I’m not answering in French to French posers around here.
Anyway picture is awesome OP! I laughed when I noticed the sun cream on heavy’s nose.

It’s not french bubba, do those letters look french to you?

maybe he means… he never write in french to french people here on facepunch :confused:

Håll käften, kvinna.

för mera effekt borde du använda ‘‘tig’’ istället för håll käften, dessutom får det dig att se sofistikerad ut :wink:

Tig, kvinna.


Oh, come on. Stop it already.

Yes these are French letters I can tell cuz I’m French.
In all seriousness I obviously meant he shouldn’t be speaking russian to other russian users and took my case as an example : I’m not answering in French to French guys around here.

On reflection from the water in heavy pants forgot to draw

I like how every class but the Pyro is different :v:

Emmm…does water reflection make this pic +18?

I think not, I inflated the Heavy’s penis until it dissapear, so you can see only his balls :smiley:

And stop thinking about penises, I just forgot about that reflection.

Engineer is drowning.

I don’t see this as 2Fort.

Pure win!