Sunrise - A New Beginning


Welcome to Sunrise - A New Beginning.

Sunrise is a space gamemode which includes mining, missions, and hunting pirates for bounty.

This is not another sunrise remake, simply an extension to Outer Edge. Any previous progress you have made on our servers will still be there. This is not the same one as the one hosted by Panic, the one that sold the admin ship for money. Anything you did there is most likely lost forever. This is the one which was hosted by me; Jagger, and the one before that, with the team consisting of me, Slim Switch, and Reaper.

Features which have been added since the start of the serer (12/2/2010):

Improved networking by switching from networked variables to shared variables. (Created by The Maw)
–With the previous networking method, every time you requested how much money you had, or how much health your ship had, it would query the server. With the shared variables, it sends the information about an entity to the client, which is stored clientside so when the client asks “How much money do I have?” it displays the shared variable instead of asking the server EVERY FRAME.

–Drones currently are able to follow you, keep up with you in warp, and fire at your target. They are not yet available for purchase, but will be when they are completed. There will be a variety of drones, consisting of combat-oriented drones (Shooting, or warp scrambling, stuff that has to do with combat), and mining drones, which will increase your mining yield allowing you to spend less time mining.

Things that are planned for the near future:

–Multiple systems which are all on one server, so you won’t have to connect to another server to go to a different security system (Starting system will be high security, along with low and null security systems. The lower the security rating, the more deadly the pirates and the more rich the mineral deposits.)

HUD change
–Needs this badly. 'nough said.

New ships
–Balduran created a large amount of new ship models for Sunrise, ranging from frigates, to cruisers, to battle-cruisers, to battleships, to freighters, to capital ships. All of which will be added to the server once their stats are balanced to be on the desired level

Please post any gameplay suggestions.

Everyone before me (Coders, modelers, mappers, etc, too many to put)
Jagger (Lua Coder)
SlimSwitch (Lua Coder)

Holy fucking shit another sunrise! when does this sunrise shit end like there is enough out there now and being developped :L

Now, what makes this any different from any other Sunrise edit, won’t this end up like every other?

Don’t join it.

For one, it’s different because it’s being developed by me, not some random person.

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Secondly, I already have progress and a server, unlike that one guy who kept making threads about his gamemode but never had anything to show for it.

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There are no other “sunrise edits” out there being developed, and unlike the other server, I don’t feel the need to give everyone money when they join so they’ll play.

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you have 120k and |T1 Buzzfly Shuttle|T4 Buzzfly Shuttle|T1 Kushan Frigate|T1 Talon Shuttle|T5 Mule Frigate|T1 Hermes Frigate

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you have 2.6m and T1 Buzzfly Shuttle|T2 Hermes Frigate|T2 Turtle Freighter

I’ve always wanted to try this gamemode but I don’t see any servers running it anymore. Yeah the IP address isn’t working, either.

You seem very much like a random person, really.

Besides, The Maw is already full on with Devinity 2.

You have nothing, because you’ve never played on my servers, you just go and rate dumb all of my threads because you have nothing better to do.

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Brohoster has been down for the past 16 hours, they’re upgrading servers and must be having problems

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I am one of the developers of Sunrise:Outer Edge, I added a lot of the important features such as trading, item banking, ship hangar, and selling your ship, among other things. and I know, I have Devinity 2’s code.

So you expect this to outlive the other Sunrise gamemodes?

Yes, because I am adding to it, unlike the others who would take the gamemode I released, and then host that and give people money to get them to play there. I know this code better than anyone, I’m most qualified to add to it.

Theres a person, who made Sunrise before you, Jagger. You can’t beat originality.

There’s a person, who made these space gamemodes before you. Oh wait, it was you. You can’t beat originality. This is an offshoot of the original, thus, is original.

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Server will be up within the hour.

Looking good, Maw is worried, some healthy competition is not bad =)

Don’t count on it.

Sadly, I have seen Maw’s work and Jagger’s, Maw will never get Dev2 done. This has a chance.

Hello, SlimSwitch. Nice to see you too.

Hey babe.

So your bringing some of the old devs from OE?

You have a point, themaw hasn’t finished anything he’s ever started to my best recollection. Here’s what valve said about people like that:

It’s not a good quality to have, themaw. In other words, finish Dev2 (because it looks awesome)

Listen, this has no need for fighting or argument, each team is working on slightly different gamemodes, there aspects are a little the same. We will get Sunrise going our way, and Maw can get Dev2 going his way. Everyone is happy.