Sunrise at the Ravenholm suburbs

Is that the leak elite?


It’s about time someone remodeled it.

Wow. This looks amazing! Drools

so peaceful, wait nope hes holding a half eaten rotting carcass

its beautiful, the warm colors just scream sexy all over
and if the 2002 version of hl2 were to be remade in modern source engine it would have most likely looked exactly like this pic
you know, with daylight ravenholm and other leak elements youve neatly placed into the pic

Has some S.T.A.L.K.E.R. flair to it. This soldier in the backround looks nice too.

I’m pretty sure HL² was released on September 18th of 2004 because i bought it on day one. Never regret this. Because of GMod it lives FOREVER!

Great choice of music and the pic is very, very well edited

The right half looks messy. Especially the elite blends in with everything else a bit too well.

Neat texturing. down atm?
cause its giving me an error.

Are the trees in the background and the bushes in the foreground from a foliage pack or did you edit them in?

It’s foliage.
i used them too.
Forget which pack though,
its either ep2 or MOH 2010 pack.

2002 version of hl2 is another way of saying the grim version of hl2 that was mentioned throughout raising the bar

I don’t like the way you textured the elite, It’s covered in bumps and looks like flayed skin, or a plucked frozen chicken

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I honestly doubt you bought HL2 on day one if you have

There are three storylines for HL2, Kids.
Grimdark(1999) | Grim(2002) | Leak(2003)

The 2003 version is uncompleted HL2. A not-even-test early version that is almost indistinguishable from retail. The leak is partially related, The leak was literally just a leak of their E3 2003 engine, which is mostly just retail Hl2 with all their old compiling, modelling(There are 3DS Max plugins), and texturing gubbinz.

Well, I tried to make these parts look like they are something natural, something between the skin and the shell. I’m glad that I’ve sucseeded

What are you, forty?

Good work, but i agree with Joazz, he blends in a little to much.
But other then that i think it’s a very well executed work!

Danged kids with your Icey-T and hippidy hop down the barber shop and yer’ israel and big band music an’ yer’ talkin’ boxes. back when i was a kid we’d go down to the river and skip stones and we rode the trolleybus all day long, they did a real nice breakfast. boy sit right down thar’ on me’ knee and ah’ll tell ya’ all about the leak

It looks like the thing has some optical camo imitating the area. Or unfitting texturing.

this is mad decent. i got a boner