Sunrise Fixing

I’m Trying to fix the sunrise that copy112 released, I really need help with fixing the coding, if anyone is interested, please reply

I wanna know what you want to fix in it.

I wanna know why you try and fix a gamemode that is stolen and is outdated compared to the official one. And seen as there is an official one why are you trying to host or play it.

I wanna know, do you even know how to code?

I released the official one.

Outer edge is based on my version, but they stole it which lead to the release.
Check your facts next time.

And for the notice, New Era was a 100% rewrite, it did not use any parts of The Maw’s version or any other sunrise version.

Ship textures was mine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was mostly referring to the coding :P, sorry for missing that maw.

Here we go again…

PortalCake, i added you on steam, idk if you would want to, but i would really like help with sunrise a new era released, because idk what to do, i fixed 1 lua error but idk how to fix the cargo, and my ship doesnt appear and there seems to be no solution.

don’t bother fixing it, a new era WAS the official one, outer edge is NOW the official version.

so Im guessing jagger is a theif. he should be arrested for copyright infringement. dont forget that hes a hacker. And jagger, shut up you thief

I give you… spaceage… has same concepts as sunrise… mine shit. sell it… repeat


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I sorta lost track of the actural point in the Sunrise developments.
Would anybody mind telling me it?

Whole thing fell apart, and apparently raven has picked it up again.

And RGP or whoever is calling Jagger a theif…for no apparent reason.