Sunrise Gamemode

Hello, I’m a newcomer to the facepunch forums, but have been really active in nicely created GMod gamemodes, and I myself have started working somewhat with lua, I’m not the best, but I can be of good help in lua.

Ingame I’m known as iGuy and Jigsaw if any of you have played Black Ops with me.

If any of you are familiar with the gamemode Sunrise - A New Beginning or somewhat like that, hosted and edited by Jagger.

I’m just wondering if anyone would like to help me code/continue to edit and play the gamemode and get some players. I have a server hosted by Xenon Servers, and could possibly be getting a better server to host Sunrise - A New Beginning,

I will be getting the MySQL tables from Jagger, hopefully the content. This is kind of iffy right now, but if anyone would like to help me set this up and continue to help and play, that would be great. I have the gamemode already. I can host it on my server, then you can edit it from there all you want and help me, etc…

Thanks for taking the time to read this and possibly help me,


Man I fucking loved that gamemode - just a shame it got repetitive a bit quickly.

I will run it on my server if I can manage to get the SQL, and the content.

Having a server for it should be as easy as enlisting anyone with a decent computer and connection with their ports set. Or using a community server from MPlayrs.

I’ve got this SOOO close to perfect, only thing is, the ships won’t move. The police ships won’t move. My ship won’t move. Got mysql going. Just need the content once that bug is fixed.

I hope you realize ships can’t move if you don’t have any content installed. The source engine requires the models in order to do any physics calculations, and no physics = no movement.

I believe I have the content if you need it.

Yes, It’d be nice if you could upload it anywhere.

If I get this up and running, remind me and I’ll give you VIP. :slight_smile:

Sunrise - A New Beginning - 26 Slot ( MAYBE better server later )

Thank you guys so much for your support!

WARNING: If you have ever played the old sunrise server, the information sent to the server is stored in a database named MySQL stored in databases. When Jagger’s server went down, the databases were removed. All players should be reset.

All that’s left is the admin and we’re good to roll!

@CmdrMatthew: Add pbrown to steam for further information on getting VIP and whatnot.


The server is being reinstalled right now so people don’t have to download content that they don’t need from my previous PERP server!

The content will be put onto a FastDL, so don’t worry about them pesky download times!

I’ll tell you all when the server is up and running great and reinstalled.

Have a nice evening!

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PM me, i have an edited sunrise that i started working on, more ships (custom models) content sql and stuff (i re-wrote the sql in the game mode because it was appalling). I was going to host it but never bothered because shit went down in real life, so i’m not exactly sure what state i left it in, if your interested pm me like i said and i’ll take a look.

Funny story, I found the server, then the thread.

Any news on what’s going on?

Running an older version when I tried to connect.

Where’d the server go? It’s just gone D: