Sunrise in Russia


I like the beard edit, and the heavy on the right seems pretty derp.

haha awesome

That beard is great.

The beard is awesome, but I can’t get over how much aliasing there is on the picture.

They must be near Chernobyl, they’re glowing a bit.

Plus that beard looks like you put the texture of Bill’s beard onto the heavy.
I like it.

“У нас богатый колхоз - мы производим навоз!” :haw:

Oh my god.
The old man Heavy is awesome.

Isolate before shading ffs

He seems so hopeful.

not pictured: seething mass of locusts, each one as big as your hand

Sean Connery?


Quiet you!

omf gno



I see no sunrise, but I like it.

Heavy is a real russian.