Sunrise Outer Edge - Updated Edition.

Sunrise Outer Edge - Also known as the ‘EVE Online mod’.
There has been a lot of commotion about this mod, and i want to settle this for now and ever.
The previous Sunrise (Admins; Reaper,Jagger and Slimswitch) has died.
It died due to lack of updates, and boredom. With this ‘Revival’ i wish to give Sunrise it’s positive reputation back. Therefor me and our team will do whatever we can to keep this gamemode up-to-date and fun.
I have full permission to host this gamemode.
Below you’ll find some information about the server, script and the team.
Please note; Do NOT post flame,troll,insult or any other negative comments here.

The team:

    • Panicx72
    • Amic3r
      Head Admin(s):
    • Robert Fuller
    • DarkLotus
    • Sumopowered
    • Goulj
    • WraithX

Gamemode info:
Sunrise is a space gamemode. Many aspects of the game are the same like EVE Online. (EXCEPT FOR IT’S FREE!) You are able to:

  • Socialize with other people.
  • Fly around.
  • Buy Ships.
  • Buy Weapons.
  • Buy Upgrades.
  • Mine Minerals.
  • Sell Minerals.
  • Make a fleet.
  • Pirate. (Kill other people for their loot!)
  • Advance in ranks.
  • Gain skills.
  • Much more which i can’t think of right now.

Press W to increase Impulse (Speed).
Press S to decrease Impulse.
Press Shift to warp (Faster way of traveling).
Press Shift+D to Warp Drift (Yes, allowed).
Press Q to open CargoBay/Fleet menu.
Press Q -> Select Weapon -> Equip to equip a weapon.
Press E to target someone/something.
Press F1 to open the Help menu.
Press Mouse1 to fire (if you have selected a target).
Hold Mouse2 to turn your ship.

Shield 100% : Your ship is surrounded by a protecting shield.
Hull 100% : When this reaches 0, you’ll explode.
Cargo: It’s like an inventory, if it reaches its maximum, it’s full.
Money: Also called Universal Credits.
Rank: Determines your skills.
Current ship: As it says.
Fleet: Shows your current fleet.
Time: The time :slight_smile:
Impulse: Speed.
Selected weapon: Active weapon. 1 = None.
Pirate (In the sensor shizz): Is the player hostile yes/no.


    • Be a pirate!
    • Different ship models.
    • Different weapons.
    • Trade system.
    • Transfer Money to a player.
    • Transfer Items to a player.
    • A dock station.
    • Hangar. Store your ships.
    • Bank. Store your money!
    • Rank system; Be the first Admiral!
    • /pm system.
    • An Console which you can use to Sell/Upgrade/Buy stuff/ships.
    • Pirates (NPC). Kill them for Universal Credits!
    • Ship sensors. Detect all ships in the whole universe! (Also shows Distance,Name,Hostile Y/N and Speed)

This is not the same as the original Sunrise Outer Edge. We’re improving the script more every day :wink:

Server IP:
Side note: Not everything is listed above :wink:
(Straight from dev server, testing out new pirate features ^^)

Changelog 1:
Changelog 2:
Changelog 3:
Changelog 4:
Emergency Updates:


Here’s to hoping you have a more stable team than the last one. It really can be a great mod, and I hope you guys succeed.

Unarmed pirates, this is my kind of game.
Just kidding, but this is still my kind of game.

Don’t let this hit the shit tank like the others…I’ve lost all hope in this as is. Just make sure you have competent new members, and listen to the community, things will be cool then.

Just don’t give up on this, otherwise this could be the last one.

We won’t give up, and we (atleast i do) listen to the community’s wishes.
Too bad we won’t see you ingame though!

What do you mean? In the screenshot Amic3r said that he has no weapons, then i replied ‘Me neither’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hopefully you guys are able to get that Item Bank implemented soon.

Also, think you guys could reduce the size of the space scanner? It takes up a little too much space on the HUD.

I don’t have a space issue, what’s your resolution?
I’ll see what i can do!

I have 1280 * 1024. I will just stretch the screen a tad more. It shouldn’t be an issue.

Still pretty fun to play. Still has its addictiveness.

I have the same resolution, yet it isn’t disturbing me.
I’ll see if it still looks pretty when it’s smaller :wink:

Interresting. On the picture, you had 9 fps?

Let’s hope this is the last

We are gonna keep this running if its the last thing we do, we got a strong communtiy all ready and updates coming in… Now we just need more people.

I think we should do some kind of promotional campaigns, but i have no idea where to start!

MoDdb Maybe? I also see that the dumb rater is on the loose again :smiley:

I’ll give this a shot…maybe make my guard faction again, get a heavy ship and a fleet together, and make hot pockets safe for miners :3.

I’ve always loved this gamemode, no doubt, it’s just the failures are too consistent…hence the all-hope-lost thing. I’ll be playing, JUST DON’T GIVE UP!

Which failures?

Edit; Can the post of RevilYoYo be removed please?

I liked it but there were some things that were disturbing: You had NO Idea what was going wrong, when you warp it suddenly stops(probably some cool-down but still…) then on the other side when you stop in the middle of warping you still have to wait for the cool-down… what is annoying.
And that you can talk to everyone on the map.

Maybe do something like a Local chat system? I mean EVE Online has a great Server-Client relation(code wise!) what makes it even when its big that powerful.

How about using the jump-gate way of EVE to teleport you to another sector? I mean, that you do have not full control of your ship only minimal like GO there turn around this etc… so you can minimize the space a player gets in. Thus creating more areas without making them look dumb.

Hmm, didn’t thought about the warp notification!
Jump-gate is beeing worked on.

Don’t screw this up. Once this gamemode is somewhat complete, it’ll be really, really, good.