SunRise: Outer Edge


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A message from the Sunrise Corporation:
One might live on the outer edge of space, They are a Cunning, Intelligent, Hard Working individuals that want a better future for everyone and them self’s. A Dawn of new beginnings has Begun , Events on massive scales, dog fights, you name it. It’s Space, The Event Horizon is comming, do you want to be part of it or are you going to stand there like a useless, Uninhabitable moon that once was a thriving living breathing planet?
W - Accelerate
S - Decelerate

Mouse2 - Hold to turn the ship
Mouse1 - Fire weapon(must first have a target)
E - Select target, interact with npc’s and shop computers
F1 - Help menu


10/7/09 - Added Item Bank
Added - Ammunition ( Batteries, Patricle Charges, Missiles )
Added - Weapon classes
Added - Ship classes
Added - Tier Classes for ships & weapons
Added - New map ( More will be coming )

Redid - VGUI
Redid - Flight system, you now drift in space.
Redid - Combat system
Redid - Base code

Fixed - Numerous bugs within the game and code
Fixed - Fleets
W.I.P - New Models
W.I.P - Faction system
W.I.P - Market system
W.I.P - Player trading
W.I.P - Concord
W.I.P - Ship upgrades, weapon upgrades
W.I.P - Missions
W.I.P - Pirates being lootable
W.I.P - Station Gamemode
W.I.P - Landable planets
W.I.P - Boardable ships ( Faction members only )
W.I.P - Previous owned ships will be saved
W.I.P - Faction Stations

Current Team:
SlimSwitch - Lead Coder
Epson - LeadCoder
WhiteFox08 - Mapper, Modeler
Reaper - Vgui/Hud,SQL Manager,Server Host
[TMAT-FADM]Kidd - Developer
Smoot - SQL Provider

The Maw - for original gamemode, idea
kevkev - Developer
Portalcake(aka copy112) - Developer
Balduran - Modeler
Hoizen - Modeler
Spacew00t - Mapper
Youaremea - Mapper

Thank You whom Donated: :shlick:
[XURAS] [BA] Gamerscd
#2{TAB}-Gen^-JESSE.H.N [XG]



Everyone should join, its a blast.

I will admit, with all the new updates and soon to come that server is really kick’n.


I’m uploading the old SVNs content if anyone wants it

:buddy: I thought I was in general games discussion for a second there because this looked nothing like a gamemode!

Ha, Thanks


Feel free to ask any questions.

Will you add any more EVE features for us?

Sunrise is back! yay we dont have to wait until next february like stated earlier.

yes as you see from the WIP’s we are working on Concord NPC’s new ships Ex. mother ships, mining barges
and maybe achievements that earn you money ect


btw old SVNs content before it was locked

Any model/map pack?

Bah, achievements. I never really liked them/got the point of them. To me, they were just cheap ways of trying to create replayability or extended gameplay.

Although, in GMod Tower’s case, it made sense, since it was hard to get money with just the regular games.

I think there should be missions where you are tasked to kill a ship or fake station for money, and make each mission harder based on rank and completed missions, that would make the game awesome.

Also there is a giant error in the middle of the map, what do I need to see this model? all of the ships work fine.

What’s this? Attempt #50 or something? Seriously, stop breaking apart, releasing stuff, bitching about releasing stuff and what not.

It’ll stop when I make mine public :3 ( My own space gamemode )

But seriously, how many more of this Sunrise threads are there gonna be?

Looking good.

i wanted to say, holy fuck, how did slimswitch and epson surpised me that there the main coders?..
ehm… oh ye thay both tried to steal it and thay did, and siriously this is geting like darkrp too much edits and too much crap around it.

or make ONE good gamemode or dont.

oh, and Sunrise Corp isnt that name a bit… ehm… copycat

Started out privatly until someone released it.

I don’t even know who is working on this gamemode anymore. First a team takes over Maw’s idea, then they fuck up and abandon it, 10 pages of btiching and flaming later ANOTHER team made up of parts of the old team is trying to make this with another ‘Sunrise Corp’ account and thread?
Why bother? You killed the gamemode when you quit, just leave it. All that I see will come out of this is another rushed/badly made Sunrise gamemode which causes an uproar of controversy, then it disappears.
If you actually manage to turn this into something great, you’ll have proved me wrong. Do so.

Scratch what I just said, you’re gonna fail.