Sunrise Scrap

I dun know wtf is going ooooooooooon

As I said on Steam, posing and editing are both solid. Muzzleflashes need some work. I think the angles are really good, and I like the look of the comic overall. And the speech bubble look really good too.

Keep the comic going, make a series if you feel inclined.

Once again, you begin to go beyond my expectation with your posing and comic skills. You manged to bind together humor, editing, and perfect posing, into something I hadn’t seen in this section in a long time,a wonderful short comic. I was honored to have the first look at this comic, and I’m sure others should enjoy it.

It others words this was way better then your last one and please continue.

God damn man

A+ comment.

Great posing, good editing, and your timing is getting much better. Now all you need is a coherent plot and you’ll be set.

My oh my