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This gamemode is about traveling around in space and gathering resources for new upgrades, better armor and system, and much much more. You can also do Player versus Player with your friends or role play whit them. The better ship you have the better your ship operates in space. Your role in space is basically fly around and find nice new hull and armor upgrades for your ship. Earning money is the first step!
There are 3 ways you can act as a good pilot:

-Number 1:
Be a very political chatting pilot and socialite with all players around in space and peacefully mine in areas where people cannot hurt you, this mean no killing people will mining.
-Number 2:
A neutral pilot flying around and mine without any friends. In other words: Nomad.
-Number 3:
Aggressive way and fighting players for goods and treasures!
The game mode is a Space RPG and has high detailed materials. You are a small space traveler, who wants to become a captain of a bigger ship. But in order to do that you must get money. The easiest way to get money is through mining on Asteroid Fields (AF).

Q:What Type of game mode is this?
A:This is a Space RPG game mode with the ability to gather much bigger ships and lots of interactive items you can play with including Player Owned Stations.

Q:Can you walk around your ship, stations or other places?
A:It is not possible to walk around the space map unless Hammer allow mappers to make much bigger maps! But theres is already a new map Space Station, where you can walk in a station!
To see the dimension of the ship heres an image:

Q: Can you be 2 players in one ship?
A: No

Q:Is the sunlight something Maw coded?

Q:Where do i download?
A: You can download the content, through SVN, in here:
This is only the content, so you don’t have to spend 30 minutes to 4 hours downloading it from server. It’s highly recommended to download the content through SVN
If you don’t know how to download through SVN:
[ul] Garry’s Mod official Tutorial: [/ul]
[ul] Wiremod Tutorial: [/ul]

Q:Is there any servers on with this, and is it open to public?

Name: Sunrise 24/7 Test Server
Owner: SlimSwitch
Description: This server is a 24/7 and it has the space map.
Current State: Open

Name: Sunrise Space Station Server
Owner: SlimSwitch
Description: This server will contain the Space Station!
Current State: Open

Q:Will there be more than 1 map for Sunrise?
A:Yes, but only 2. One where you can walk in your ship around space and the other where you dock into the station, where you can role play!

Last Data Update: 17th May

[ul]Features Implemented:
[list]Ship upgrades[/ul]
[ul]Mineable asteroids[/ul]
[ul]Account saving system[/ul]
[ul]Buy n’ Sell to cities[/ul]
[ul]Mouse Controlled[/ul]
[ul]Space Station[/ul]
[ul]NPC Pirates[/ul]
[ul]Beautiful effects[/ul]

  • Feature in test.[/list]

[list]Map: 90%[/ul]
[ul]Modelling: 45%[/ul]
[ul]Coding: 60%[/ul][/list]

This tutorials were made by The Cake is a Spy:

How to Move

How to get Credits

How to buy & Use Weapons

How to use the Inventory and City Broswer

How to buy ships:

How to get killed

Next Tutorials will be added as soon as new features are released.


The ships may not much visible in the pictures, sorry





[ul]T2 Shuttle[/ul]

[ul]T2 Frigate[/ul]

[ul]T2 Cruiser[/ul]

Missile Turret


The Maw* - Sun coder, Basic Scripts and Idea
Kevkev - Lua Coder, Team Leader
Youaremea - Mapper, Team Leader
Zup - LUA Coder
Portalcake - Lua Coder
Balduran - Modeler
Spacew00t - Mapper
Hoizen - Modeler
The Cake is a Spy - Public Relations

*Not Currently working on our Team

We hope you enjoy!

A few things from the old thread assuming the next update will have the same content as mentioned before:

I quite dislike the T2 ships appearance. I can hardly see them in those pictures, but it seems as if you have just changed the skin on the Frigate and Cruiser. I find this rather dissapointing. New models would be wonderful. If you need concept designs, or maybe even an extra hand in modeling I might offer my assistance assuming you guys plan on treating the playerbase with more respect.

I do not think I approve of the removal of ship hyperspace. Granted the system needed to be tweaked, but some sort of boosting I feel is needed. Might I ask why this has been removed, or do you guys have anything to say in regards to the hyperspace gates?

Might I ask for the reasoning behind the respawn timer as well?

A few things I wish were implemented before anything else:

The ability to repair your ship. This is very important especially now that ships will be slower and with the reduction of the shuttle’s health.

A fix to the trade glitch. People can rack up stupid amounts of money without really earning it.

A fix to being able to buy more items than your ship can normally hold. This can get pretty bad and makes the server unstable.

T2 Ships are heavily changed, not only the skins but the model is changed as well as the picture shows the T1 Version is much diffrent from the T2 Ships, The trade glitch is fixed, the inventory is fixed, and a Repair function is on the way give it some time.

Top: T1 Dread, Bottom: T2 Dread

Those models are much much better looking than I thought. They were hard to see before, but I quite like the look of it now that I can see it.

Nice models.

Good to see you in charge, Slimswitch, you seem alot more levelheaded than Maw. And you speak English. The Models look much better, and some of the necessary fixes are helping alot.

I have a T2 Cruiser in EvE Online :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not just play EVE?

1: eve might be to expensive for some.
2: the eve community is shittu to some people.
3: why would you pay every month for just one game anyways?
4: the devs wanted to show of that they could make this gamemode.

And i hate the way people flamed this gamedode on the old thread. if you don’t like it. Fuck off and leave be, it’s not like you are being forced to use this gamemode.

I played it, i liked it. it has potential, it could go places. It’s people who flame constantly that drove TheMaw out of Dev.

Please just ignore flamers and only listen to people who are being reasonable and don’t ruin your mode.

Oh and BTW. Maw said he was putting in things like player controlled stations, deployable autoturrets, mining platforms ect… are we ever going to get those or did they die with Maw?

Slimswitch I wish you luck on this project. I thought you were a dick before, but it appears I was wrong <3 <3 <3

Yea, Maw was just tired of it, and he wanted to do something else. But for your questions I am working on the Faction menu and Deployable Stations for the faction, I have gotten it to work, Press F2 for the Station Buy menu even added a nice GUI Menu, But there is 3 diffrent stations you can purchase, Pretty much there in “Teir” levels, Teir 1 - 3 Stations, 1 is pretty much basic, 2 Is more advanced than the first ( Can do ship and weapon production) and 3 Advanced (Deffense’s, Weaponplatform, Fighter Bay, Ship and Weapons and Ore Refining) And you can easily upgrade a station to a Teir if you have for say a level 1 and you can upgrade it with the upgrade kits. I have added all the new ships, Working on a Destroyer. I still need to work on Faction Creation, Trading, NPC Missions, and the combat systems this week.

this happens to look leet as fuck. cant wait to try it out.
also: i cant connect to your server.

yes i know about the images in the videos, i’m sorry, this happened because i toke the pictures when hyperspace was removed so the ships moved very slow… and since i needed to go to the city to buy the new chips.
Aether, how are you trying to connect by the console? If so the server is being updated, please be patient. I would advise downloading the content pack
The Cake is a Spy

it’s a shame TheMaw left i was starting to get freindly with him. If you guys ever wan’t a PR don’t hesitate to ask me. My steam Name is GuyonBroadway.

good luck.

still cant connect :frowning:

yes we know we are updating it, we advise you download the content from SVN.

The Cake is a Spy

Please, don’t sign your posts.

I tried adding it to my faves and it didnt show up and i also tried through console.


Server News

Will be up in about 30 - 1 Hour


  1. Deployable Station
  2. 10 New Ships (T1 - T2 Capitals)
  3. Bug Fixes
  4. New Models
  5. Redone Speed System

Fucking Awesome.