Anybody have a copy of sunrise, I know it’s broken and crap but it would be nice if someone can upload a copy of it.

No, they can’t upload it, because that’s against the license it was licensed under. Any upload would be the same as a leak!

Can you upload it/pm me a dl link?

This is Sunrise - Outer Edge.

It includes the hangar system, along with a sql file on the structure of the database you need.

Edit gamemodes/sunrise/server/mysql.lua with your mysql database information.

SVN Info:

The needed DLLs are in the sunriseoe folder.

Drag lua folder to garrysmod folder

Drag libmySQL.dll to the folder with hl2.exe/srcds.exe


Must check out to REVISION 7!!


and here is the needed content pack:



Ahh thanks, I tried it before, but never thought of manually selection r7 to get the removed files.

This is the reason everyone hates you.