Sunset - A quick small pose

Made while listening to

The White Stripes - I can tell that we are gonna be friends

I meant it when i said small, gmod buggered up on me AA wouldn’t work so it had to be blurred to look actually any good at all. May go back tomorrow and take another version without a bugged up gmod.

I have never actually really posed ragdolls before, so this was mainly just to see how easy/hard it was.

Criticism is welcome.

Looks good.

You said AA doesn’t work? Does it usually do?
Because I can’t get mine to work either.
I just get the option “None” :frowning:

I actually had the option, I set it to 8x for the picture but it did not actually switch on.

Strange. Mine just shows the option “None”, and I don’t know if it changes if I make changes to the settings… Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, what map is that?

Looks nice, doesn’t look like you finger posed them though…

I did, but I am really bad at finger posing :L

Yeah Fingerposing is the only bad thing at the picture.

But otherwise really epic!

Wow thanks, was not expecting a reply like that


Go to Graphic settings of YOur graphic card, and turn Antialiasing On. Works on Nvidia, dont know on ati

It normally works just by using the in game setting, it’s normally on 4x. Gmod just bugged up, it had blurry text and I had to click above anything I wanted to select/click.