Sunset Haze

Listen to from 0 to 20 seconds for good effect

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Your image rocks

Pretty sweet.

Very nice, no complains.

Very good there good sir, but his right leg (left leg on his perspective) bends wrong way, atleast looks like that. Like that armor would be that heavy on his leg. But what guard model is that?

It’s Ilwrath’s Sir Knight model

Apart from the subject being the victim of a terrible archer, picture is nice.
In so far dead bodies can be called nice. Scene build I presume.

Thanks, and yea simple scene build

The DoF on the pine branches is kinda unsightly, but otherwise it’s a great picture.

The grass looks a bit patchy and aside the dof nothing else catched my eyes.

Lovely shadows.

They are nice, but they look like clubs rather than shadows of feathers. Not sure how what you could do to not get that, though…

But really, it looks great.

Very nice…Dramatic and i love Drama

Never seen a human take 4 or 5 arrows to die. Unless the Archer took the body and decided to let his apprentice practice on it.

He was a Warrior…a True warrior…one minute of silence for him

no-one in this thread has thought that maybe it was a group of archers and not just one?

Nope. It only takes one Archer to kill a Knight, why would an entire group focus on one?