Sunset Hunting (Lame Title)


  • special thanks to haxxxar for his advice on proper shading and lighting. Very wise turian
  • inspiration from Jim_Rileys images
  • enjoy


That looks very nice, also nice avatar.

katy perry is mesmerizing

but the picture is good anyway. good job.

The bottom American soldier has a grainy look on both his gun and outfit.

I would say that the sniper (That guy in the window) doesn’t have enough detail in his face, but I suppose that’s a good thing (Makes him more mysterious) and is good for the picture’s story.

All the posing looks good as well, and the models are much better than the DoD:S standard american soldiers.

Top score, Fort.

none of them have folds and creases in their uniforms? i mean really, it takes like five seconds to just throw some in. even if they aren’t that accurate, it looks better than skinsuits/puffsuits.

oh, and you picked a perfect way of demonstrating just how fucked up treyarch’s models are. the germans’ feldbluse has the epaulettes on fucking backwards, jesus christ.

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it’s not even like the allied ones buttoned on the outside either, i just cannot fathom how they could be so goddamn fucking stupid when there’s no way they could’ve confused it with anything else

whoa settle down now, I’m not trying to shove their badly portioned models in your face, I just did this as a testing thing. :S god knows i agree with you though

god heroes of stalingrad cannot arrive soon enough

The outside looks a bit empty but the rest is fairly nice. I like the shading on the hidden soldier.

Thanks it was my first shot at shading and lighting

The walking poses look a tad off. There’s just something strange with the distance between the feet or the angle of them or something that doesn’t look too natural.