Sunset in Baghdad

Seems like I’m back in the game. First picture thread this year, I think… I almost forgot how to pose stuff :v:[/thumb]

C&C guys and good 2 see ya :*

PS. Everything here is scenebuild on gm_flatgrass and here’s the pic of it:


well that lighting is certainly the polar opposite of ‘sunset’. why not use a darker map, orange lamps and well-placed fog to create a proper atmosphere?

Seems less like a sunset and more like a nuke went off in the background somewhere: it’s waaay too bright.

so bright it killed shadows

Well, changed my monitor settings, and this is exactly how I didn’t want it to be D:

use gm_black instead, it’s way better for scenebuilding and you’ll be able to get some proper shadows going on

Gee, thanks! I’ve been looking for a decent scenebuilding map with editable environments (I mean, fog, sky and sun) since that shitty skybox problem I had.