Sunset Skirmish

Finally got a chance to get into GMod again. Playing around with these guys!

The posing on the guy piercing but missing with the halberd at the enemy who is dodging it looks bawss.

Where’s the sunset? Also, the way you blurred it makes it look as if there’s an earthquake and all of the guys are just accidently stabbing eachother.

Noice, although Sharker was right with the Radial blur.

Nice work…

Radial blur is Jim’s signature thing.

That doesn’t make it subject to criticism.

Not that it isn’t a valid opinion, but firstly a scene taking place at sunset doesn’t literally require the sunset in the frame to *be at sunset. * You can tell it’s meant to be sunset due to the soft orange cast of the lighting. Or maybe that’s just because I have flux on. turns off Okay, it’s much much less orange now, so I think that adding more orange to the image will help get the sunset idea across more fluently.

About the blur, I think it certainly adds interest to the image but I might agree that it’s a bit weird.

In general, I think the overall posing, scenebuild, and expressions are quite good. Regardless of blur it has a good sense of action to it. The main thing that bothers me is that the one guy on the ground is facing almost directly at the camera, and it looks a bit cheesy. Try to just offset his whole body 15 degrees or so away from the camera, could help it look less ‘staged’.

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*exempt from criticism

Gives me a Chivalry kinda vibe, it’s neat

the lighting is super flat but the posing’s great

I think they look deliberate enough in their stabbing. However, as much as Radial Blur is ‘my thing’, when used appropriately, I will admit that it was my means to quickly (and lazily I suppose) give the illusion of movement during this chaotic encounter.

Whether it works or not? Meh, some people may agree, others more so not. Usually I simply make two pictures, one with blur and one without. I didn’t do that in this case :v:

Thanks for the comments and critiques!

Your posing is really good.