Sunset Trek

This is my first scenebuild, so any criticism and stuff like that is appreciated. Thanks!

Map is gm_black, if anyone’s curious!

DeviantArt page

**Here’s a separate photo, showing the scenebuild:

For your first scenebuild it’s very good, you have alot of potential.

I’m sure there’s things that needs fixing but right now i don’t see anything major.

I’m sure there is!

After I get the hang of things with the actual tools, I might try and start learing to use Photoshop.

i’m pretty sure the glow effect should be more orange-reddish


Honestly, I think the angle is bad. Should back up and zoom in more. The scenebuild is okay, but your eyes are drawn to the empty orange background, which I don’t really understand why it’s just a flat orange. Also, the lamp with the lensflare (if that’s what it is) blocks out most of the vision from the build in the back, which ruins it.