Sunvale: The Interactive Story

Hello Facepunch users, Gmodders, Roleplayers and people in general. I am new to Facepunch, so please, bare with me if I do something noobish. I’d like to start an interactive game. It is about a person who goes on an epic quest to uncover the truth. That person is you. Only instead of just me making pictures, I want YOU to participate in producing images as well.

Here are the basic rules.

  1. Your image and text must somewhat go along with the previous person’s.

  2. Custom Content is allowed.

  3. Content from HL2, TF2, CS:S, EP1 and EP2 are allowed

  4. No NSFW pics are allowed

  5. Explicit language is allowed

  6. Photoshop, GIMP,, and other programs that alter photos are allowed

  7. No randomly ending the story, ruining it for other people

  8. Map changes are allowed (i.e. “you arrive in dustbowl after that long trip from sunvale”)

  9. Be creative and have fun!

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I’ll start it off

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Also, this is the map.

you are asking everyone passing by where u were yesterday. they are just ingnoring u, ur walking and walking and at end u see everyone in mirror view, and in mirrors like in real one, u realised that u are in mirror and u are Jack Bauer from 24h in movie Mirrors!

Definitely a good idea, but that is kind of a random “The End” though.

Off topic: I love your R3B0RN comic!

huh thanks :wink: