"Sup, space-bros." Chillin' on the Dyson Sphere.


I was bored.

And yeah, I know, clipping on the rifle. I didn’t notice until after the edit.

I laughed for some reason.

Back ground looks very boring :confused:

… So a ship, 3 planets, and a galaxy are boring? That’s news to me.

Rifle looks like it was made by Fisher Price

And why’s he wearing traditional infantry urban gear when he’s in space?

Because the OP wants? God, if there is something I hate is people without imagination.

The pic looks ok, but the planet in the BG looks very pasted in and cartoony, and the lights on the soldier doesnt match the rest.

This is definitely different.

I expected Cyberdyne

That planet is part of the map - it’s 2D on the skybox. And the light all coming from the left, I made sure of it.

Because it looks kinda like a military spacesuit from that angle.